Jet lag is an absolute killer 5am I was up and ready to party again, however I did manage to force myself back into a light sleep for a whole 30 minutes. We then got up and got ready for the day ahead. We were heading away from the Vegas strip today to go to Valley of Fire and Hoover Dam for some sight seeing.

We went for breakfast in the Mirage at the Pantry, portion size was hideous I had pancakes that were as big as my head on the plate and there wasn’t one there was three yes three and I just about managed two. On the plus side I wouldn’t need food for the rest of the day. Our breakfast was $30.27 + $6 tip for pops pancakes, franks benedict, tea and water.

The Pantry, The Mirage, Las Vegas

We had reserved a car online before we left the UK with Dollar in Treasure Island we ended up having to stand at the desk for an hour as they had new systems and couldn’t get the printers to work, drama drama. They were also not the most welcoming people and rude to other customers but that’s for another review. Anyway we finally got to our lovely red convertible camaro around 8:45. We set the sat nav up for Valley of Fire and Sam got comfortable with the car and we were off round and round the car park for about 5 minutes because we couldn’t figure out where the exit was.

It took us around an hour to reach Valley of Fire I think we made it there around 9:45 and boy was it already super hot. We had the roof down on the car and even that wasn’t cooling us down that slight wind in the air was just super hot but that is that lovely dry desert air for you. Anyway we paid our $10 to the park ranger to enter the park, got our map and off we went exploring. We parked the car and went exploring a little bit at a few stops, however, it was way too hot to do some of the hikes, a few of them were over an hour and I just wasn’t feeling that in the heat but the views were still beautiful without doing the hikes through sandy trails.

Valley of Fire, Las Vegas

Valley of Fire, Las Vegas

After around 2 hours at Valley of Fire we decided to move on and drive to the Hoover Dam. This took us around an hour and half and an hour of that was literally in the middle of nowhere, I think we went around 25 miles at one point without seeing another car. When I finally seen a little dot of a car coming towards us in the distance I felt relief even if it was driving in the opposite direction. All the horrible thoughts of having no signal on the GPS or our phones and the car breaking down all of a sudden come into your head. On the more positive side the drive was very picturesque and there are plenty of places to stop along the way to get some good pictures.

When we finally reached the Hoover Dam the heat was now over 100F my body felt like it was cooking I really had forgotten how hot the Vegas heat was. Parking at the Hoover Dam was a bit tricky we didn’t really want to pay the $10 to park as we only wanted to take some pictures so we were lucky enough to get a space up the hills for free and walk back down to the Hoover Dam. It was soooo windy here which was actually quite pleasant even if it was that hot sticky wind anything was better than nothing. It was nice to actually see the Hoover Dam up close as last time we just flew over in the helicopter on route to Grand Canyon. We didn’t do any tours or anything here I think by this time the heat seemed to just be draining us and I was in the ‘yes seen it now lets go I’m too hot’ mood. We walked over the bridge and went to the cafe to pick up a nice cold drink which if you didn’t drink in around 10 minutes went hot and then headed back over the bridge. We took a few more pictures and then headed back up the hill to the car.

Hoover Dam, Las Vegas

Hoover Dam, Las Vegas

After the Hoover Dam we went to a shopping at a place called Town Square, it is just South of Las Vegas Boulevard past the Vegas Sign. We had a little look about we didn’t buy anything as this was our first day but we had a good look and thought we could come back in a couple of days on the bus.

After this we headed back to Treasure Island to take our car back but, before we did we had to do the drive down Las Vegas Boulevard with the roof down like tourists, it just had to be done. When we got to the Dollar desk to drop the car back they tried to charge us $110 refuelling charge as we didn’t return it full however nobody had told us we had to return the call full. There was no way I was paying $110 to fill up half a tank so off we went back out to find a gas station. Luckily around a mile down the road we found one and it only cost us $22 to fill the tank up now that’s a huge difference! I know you all probably think silly cow of course you return it full you left with it full, however when we were in Florida last year we didn’t have to return the car on full they just charged us the NORMAL petrol rate when we got back not the ridiculous charges Dollar were trying to charge. Anyway we took the car back on full and got the tram back to the Mirage. Once back at the Mirage we headed straight to Rhumar and grabbed a well deserved frozen daiquiri (around $26 for 2) to get over the day of driving and headed back to the room to get ready for the evening.

That evening we headed to Yard House for dinner, this was down the Linq Promenade. We got a table in around 15 mins which was good, they give you one of the buzzers so you can look around the Linq promenade while waiting. I had a burger and Sam had ribs, the food was good and we both had a beer and it came to $46.70 ($8 tip).  There was a college football match playing on the TV when we were there so it was quite loud with people cheering but made a good atmosphere.

After dinner we took a walk down the Promenade and over to the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace so I could go to Victoria’s Secret.  After a look around we then went back to the Linq to go onto the High Roller. We had already bought tickets back at home to go on the High Roller with a free bar from Travelzoo (I think these were around $39 each). There wasn’t really a queue and we pretty much walked straight on to the capsule. The open bar was good, drinks refilled quickly they had all different spirits and beers, just a shame the bartender didn’t really have a personality. I managed to drink three Malibu and cokes which were super strong within the 30 minutes it takes to go round. The views are good you can see a long way as we went at night it was nice to see all the lights of Vegas from the sky. We took some pictures and before we knew it we were back at the bottom again. It was good and I was glad I did it however was it really worth the money probably not so try and get tickets when there is a promotion or a deal. The pictures were taken on my phone so they are not amazing 🙁

High Roller, Las Vegas

After the High Roller we headed back to the room I think a bit of jet lag, a day of driving and then an evening of drinking had got to us. We could barely keep our eyes open, walk in a straight line or stop the room spinning. I guess that’s the signs of a good night.

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