Post cruise we wanted a few days on land in the sunshine before heading back to the winter in the UK. So with 48 hours in Miami we had two options, 1) sit on the beach and lap up every last minute of sunshine until it was time to leave or 2) cram in as much of Miami as we could. Obviously we opted for the 2nd option as you just never know when or if you will return and you can always opt for option 1 next time.

We were based at the Eden Roc Miami Beach which was slightly north of South Beach. If you want to check out my Eden Roc post click here. The ride from Fort Lauderdale Port to the hotel was $120 *shocked emoji face* I was still getting to grips with Uber and a bit nervous using them from the port… learnt my lesson. Surprisingly our room was available about 9am which was a bit of a shock, as was the little upgrade to a beautiful ocean view balcony. Anyway bags were dumped and back out we went, clock was ticking after all.

We grabbed a Starbucks on the way out of the hotel and off we went to find the Big Bus Tour stop near the hotel. Luckily the stop was outside the Fontainebleau hotel next door, unluckily we just missed a bus so we had half an hour to kill before the next one. We had pre-booked our tickets online for this as the prices were slightly cheaper and we got 48 hours for the price of 24 so seemed like a good deal to me.  On the bus we were given a map where we discovered that we were actually just on a beach hotel shuttle which took us to the main bus route hence the one bus every half hour however you can’t complain at least they did this otherwise it was a long cab ride to the main route right down in south beach.

First route on the bus was the city loop I love these bus tours it’s so easy to see everything in a short period of time and probably things you would of never seen in a day on foot. We jumped off the bus in Little Havana where as part of your bus ticket you could take part in a walking tour. Turns out it was a private walking tour as nobody else took part happy days!

I can’t remember the guys name who walked us round Havana and it’s incredibly annoying because I would love to give him a big shout out. He was a really friendly guy with lots of knowledge of Little Havana and beyond. One of the stops on the walking tour was Guantanamera Bar. The bar was definitely unique, they had the Guantanamera song playing in the background of course, they made their own coffee and cigars from scratch, fresh mojitos being made one end of the bar and fresh Cuban coffee being served the other. We had a free taster of the Cuban coffee I’m sure if you like coffee it’s nice but it made me pull the haribo tangfastic face.  I definitely needed a fresh mojito to wash the coffee down and if your on the walking tour you get 2 for $20.

The tour continued until we made it back to the bus stop right near the domino park which was so lovely to watch the community come together and play dominos. We gave the tour guy a good tip after all it was a private tour and he didn’t have to go ahead with it.  After the tour we had around 15 mins to explore before the next bus came along. We then swapped onto the blue route to go along to south beach.  We had a wonder round South Beach taking in all the pastel colour buildings and lines of palm trees.

We took the beach shuttle bus back up to our hotel to get ready for dinner.  We had booked a table at Cecconis Miami which was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel, this had been recommended to me before we left and as soon as I looked it up online it was top of my list to visit during our stay in Miami.

Cecconis is in the Courtyard of Soho Beach House so if you are lucky you may even catch a glimpse of a celeb… we didn’t *rolls eyes*. However, that didn’t really matter as soon as we walked into the restaurant I was blown away, it was stunningly lit by fairy lights wrapped round trees and glass shades hanging from the ceiling it was the perfect dinner venue for a romantic Italian meal. The food was fantastic we had starters, pasta and dessert, all the food is freshly made on site and you could tell as it was incredible.  If you are heading out to Miami get this restaurant on your list it’s a must.  I will say this restaurant is a little bit on the expensive side but totally worth it food and atmosphere is just beautiful.

After dinner we enjoyed some more drinks in Cecconis before heading back to our hotel to relax with a couple of drinks on our balcony, exploring on an open top bus can take it out of you… or I am just not the wild party girl I once used to be.

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