Our second day in Miami was again about jumping on the Big Bus tour and seeing as much of Miami as possible.  We left the hotel mid morning and grabbed a Starbucks breakfast from the hotel. We jumped onto the beach shuttle bus to the south beach loop and then we jumped on this route to the main bus station at Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami.

As the previous day we had spent a lot of time on the red and blue routes we decided to go for the uptown green route.  Nothing really took my fancy on the stop list but we thought we would still give it a go and just stay on the bus.  The tour guides on the bus are really informative they know so much about Miami and a lot of them have quite good humour.  Our tour guide started to tell us about Wynwood Walls which actually sounded quite interesting so we decided to jump off at this stop and had a little walk around to see what it was all about.

When we reached the entrance of Wynwood Walls all I could think of was how incredible the wall art was and also how many great pictures I could get for Instagram – I know what has my life come to!!  The walls were bursting with colour and just incredible, a few of the walls were still being painted by artists so we sat by watching them for a while.  We left the main part of Wynwood Walls and began to walk round the streets nearby, every wall you looked at was just covered in art.  One of my favourites was a while building covered in zebra print, maybe as this one was in black and white it stood out from the colour walls but I really loved this one.

After a quick look on trip advisor at local places to eat we came across Zak the Baker, it was only a couple of blocks away so we thought we would stop by for some local treats.  This little kosher bakery was definitely original, it was basically a working bakery with a small store front with some seating.  We opted for take away getting a pink lemonade, cookie and coconut macaron.  The cookie and coconut macaron were incredible, the cookie was so deep and so soft and gooey and the coconut macaron was so good I didn’t even get a picture.

Back on the bus we continued the uptown route.  The bus stops at Miami Supercar Showroom where everyone can jump off and check out the cars, this is also a good toilet stop there wasn’t many around.  We had a quick look around but as we had to jump on the bus downstairs at Wynwood I was keen to get back on the bus and get a seat upstairs – yes I got evil looks when I was clearly sat in someones seat, snooze you loose I’m afraid.  We continued on the uptown route all the way back to Biscayne Bay and the Big Bus main station.

Back at Biscayne we decided to jump on the blue route which took us back over the wind tunnel bridge (the bridge that connects south beach and downtown Miami – wait until you go over it you will know what I mean) and over to South Beach.  We jumped off near Ocean Drive and had a walk around.  All the buildings are so beautifully painted here if only it looked like this at home.  Before jumping back on the hotel shuttle bus we grabbed some food and drink from Walgreens for our hotel room obviously everything we couldn’t get at home.

I love a bit of shopping in America so before we left to fly home I was keen to get to a Mall.  After a quick search I found Aventura Mall which was probably about halfway between the Eden Roc and Fort Lauderdale.  We decided to use Uber this time round, Miami traffic was horrendous and I felt bad as our Uber driver was actually on his was to go teach kids football at the school.  He was definitely late the ride to the mall took over an hour even taking a few back roads!! We gave the driver a bit more money just to show our appreciation or maybe it was guilt that he was going to be late for his coaching session.

Aventura Mall was pretty big and all decorated for christmas.  They had some great deals as we were there on the lead up to Black Friday.  Of course there was only one shop that I really wanted to go to which was of course Bath and Body Works to get my year supply of candles, hand washes and sanitizers.  We did go to some other shops too I promise we didn’t travel all that way just for Bath and Body Works but let’s just say I nearly bought the whole shop this time round so it would have been worth it for one shop!  Dinner was at the Cheesecake Factory in the mall before getting another uber back to the hotel this time with no Miami traffic.

Back at the hotel we packed all our shopping into our suitcases ready to leave the following day.  Instead of going out we decided to just enjoy a bottle of prosecco on the balcony while talking about our amazing holiday.

Our final day had finally arrived we were due to fly home in the afternoon so we had all morning to enjoy.  Today was dedicated to the beach, I was going to grab one of those comfy looking sun beds and not move.  I was first down to the beach, as you do on your last day of sunshine and all the staff at the beach were all really attentive asking us if we wanted any drinks or food or if there was anything they could do for us.

Lunch was in the hotel pool bar which was lovely and huge portions we sat here and enjoyed a few drinks before we finally had to drag ourselves away and get ready to leave for the airport.  We were picked up by Manitur which I would definitely recommend if heading out to Miami their prices are reasonable and they will happily give you a quote over WhatsApp.

So the 48 hours in Miami was finally over, we had a great time and it really felt a lot longer than 48 hours, maybe it was down to the amount we did but at least we could say we seen more of Miami than just the beach. Here’s to the next time Miami!

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