October 10th – Day 1

We were up and out from our hotel in LA and we jumped in a cab to the airport it took around 20 minutes so it wasn’t too bad.  Our flight left LA at 10am and arrived in Mexico at 5pm.  When we arrived the sun wasn’t out as much as we had hoped the pilot had previously warned us that they had had a few storms which is not what you want to hear.  As we left the plane it was so cloudy but so muggy.  Passport control took forever, two flights from the UK had also landed at the same time as our flight so the immigration queues were long.  Once we were finally through we finally reached a Virgin holidays rep, that was after all the people hounding you to get into their taxi.  We were fortunate enough to have a private transfer to the hotel, they even had ice cold water waiting for us, just what we needed.  We left the airport and in the direction of Moon Palace finally the last leg of the holiday was beginning.


We were advised that we would be in the Sunrise section of the hotel.  Yes this hotel is that big that there are different parts or I should say resorts in the same complex.  When we finally reached the Sunrise after passing the entrance to Moon Palace around 10 minutes before.  We jumped off the bus and were greeted by the bell boys who took your luggage off you and gave you a cold towel and a flower.  When we checked in we really began to realise how big this place was.  Check in was easy we were given our room and wrist bands (only thing I probably didn’t like) and then we went back to the bell desk to let the guys know which room we were in for them to bring the luggage to us.  With our huge map of the complex we were off to search for our room, it can’t be that hard we thought, well yes it can be in this resort, our luggage was at the room before us.

It took us forever to find the room, we were in the last block of the Sunrise part so around a 10-15 minute walk.  The bell boy found it extremely funny that he had made it to the room before us.  The room was beautiful very large lots of space, large mirror in the bathroom area, large Jacuzzi bath in the room, balcony with a huge hammock and chairs and a lovely view of the resort and beach. After unpacking our cases and trying to work out what restaurants were in our part of the resort we decided to just head back towards reception and see was took our fancy.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

Of course we got lost walking back to reception as it was now dark.  I am sure we will get to grips with the route to reception by the end of our 5 nights here.  We went to the Gondola restaurant for dinner which was the Italian.  Wow this restaurant was beautiful, we were taken to our table and introduced to the waiter for the evening.  The restaurant had a very relaxed feel about it, maybe the guy playing the piano in the background helped. The food was lovely, I had a Caesar salad starter with lasagne for main and Nutella pudding for dessert, I really enjoyed the food and the service was brilliant the waiter could not have done enough for us.  We tipped the waiter 50 pesos which isn’t much in our world but meant so much to him, he was so grateful.

After dinner we went for a stroll outside where we could hear some music coming from a pool bar, we thought we would go and explore, this was when we came across the pool swing bar.  We sat here for the rest of the evening enjoying some drinks and even some shots with names like shit on the grass yes you did read that right and chatting to people around the bar.  We then decided to go check out the nightclub I think it was called Noir.  Now this was like a proper nightclub not like your normal hotel “nightclubs” they had a DJ it was packed, there was even a few wedding parties busting some moves on the dance floor.  We stayed for a couple of drinks and then decided it was all a bit too much we couldn’t hear each other speak – I know that makes me sound old.  We then went back to the swing bar for a few more drinks in a more not quiet but more civilised atmosphere until we were kicked out around 2am.  Not a bad day for our first day or should I say evening in Mexico.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

October 11th – Day 2 

We started with breakfast in the buffet restaurant today, which isn’t really my cup of tea to be put it nicely, lots of people, lot of noise and people pushing in queues for food. Anyway you live and learn and I didn’t go back there for the rest of the holiday.  I still had some bacon and scrabbled egg we were given a table and felt it would be rude to up and leave and go somewhere else for breakfast.  We then headed to the beach as we were late getting to the pool and finding a sun lounger together seemed like a bit of a mission.  Anyway back to the beach,  the first thing I noticed was that sea was not that beautiful blue  crystal clear sea you see in the travel brochure.  It was a slight murky brown colour, there was also lots of seaweed which to be fair they try their best to clear, a tractor goes along the beach maybe once an hour collecting all the seaweed but when he does you know about it the smell was like a sewer.  Anyway it turns out that they are having a bit of a seaweed problem in that area at the moment but they hope it will sort itself out, so don’t be put off by this as the beach was still beautiful and you could get a sun lounger here no problem at all.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

We stayed on the beach for the morning and then headed to the fresh pizza station for lunch by the pool.  The poor guy making the pizzas looked so hot in his chef whites next to a stone oven but he did an amazing job.  All the pizzas were made fresh in front of you, we shared a Hawaiian pizza as they were huge, I have no idea how people were eating one each. We then managed to grab some sun loungers by the pool as a lot of people seemed to have moved as there was a lovely big black storm cloud heading over our way.  We were in the pool for around 20 minutes when the rain started to come down followed by big rumbles of thunder we quickly got under cover at the bar but this rain was not for giving up it was getting heavier and heavier it reminded me of the tropical storms we had in Florida last year.  As the rain was not for giving up we decided to give up and walk through the torrential down pour back to our room.  We could only be described as drowned rats by the time we reached the room.   As it was still early afternoon we sat on the balcony watching the storm pass and I even had a snooze in the comfy hammock.

Tonight we went to the Asian restaurant Momo and decided to go for the teppanyaki option we had to wait around an hour for the next sitting but we sat at the lobby bar and enjoyed a few drinks.  We eventually sat down at the teppanyaki table at 9:15, you start with a sharing platter which contains spring rolls, chicken in a light batter and sushi. Our chef then came to the table and introduced himself.  He then began the show cooking he has lots of tricks up his sleeve and put on a good show for us.  We then picked our main which I chose chicken and beef. You were then given a dish of rice and vegetables to eat while the chef cooked the mains the food was all lovely and the chef always made sure everything was cooked how we liked. To finish we had tempura ice cream which is basically fried ice cream but this for me was the best part it was amazing. Dinner was then over so we enjoyed a drink at the bar and then headed back to our room to chill back on the balcony..

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa, Momo

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa, Momo

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa, Momo

October 12th – Day 3 

Today we went straight to the pool around 8.30am and decided to skip breakfast as we wasn’t that hungry. We managed to get some of the sun loungers in the shallow part of the pool which was lovely as you could dip your toes in the water while on the sun lounger.  The only thing I didn’t like about this was you seemed to be so close to the person on the bed next to you.  The sun was out and in our favour today so I did some serious tanning during the morning however before the serious tanning session we decided to go and have a go on the flow rider while it was quite and everyone was at breakfast.  This was extremely funny and we both established we have zero balance, the guys at the flow rider are so funny and are always showing off their skills and making it look so easy however, trust me it is not easy at all, I think I lasted a whole 5 seconds on the board before coming off.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa, Flow Rider

For lunch we went to the pizza station again and had pepperoni pizza between us.  The Chef again was working so hard in the midday heat and next to a stone oven how he stands there for hours is beyond me, we gave him a 40 pesos tip today he was so grateful I think I probably would have given him a hug if he wasn’t so sweaty.  It started to rain around 3pm again, it seemed like this was a daily thing, glorious sunshine in the morning and stormy towards late afternoon.

We headed to the bar by the flow rider and decided to start making our way through the cocktail menu as you do when it’s torrential rain.  We got chatting to the barmen, they were asking us about life in the UK and brushing up on their English asking us about general grammar.  They were also telling us about life in Mexico and their jobs here at the hotel even though they work 6 days a week and have extremely long days they all love their jobs so much.   We were showing the guys what English money looked like to which they found extremely fascinating so much so we let one of them keep a £1 coin which he was over the moon about. Before we knew it we had gone through half the cocktail menu along with some off the menu and it was 6pm and the bar was closing for the day, back to the room to get ready for dinner.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

Tonight we decided on the steak and seafood restaurant by the pool, this was in the far left hand side restaurant as they were still renovating the restaurant which normally hold the evening service.  Unfortunately this was probably our worst meal since being here the starters were just ok the salad was a bit dry and the steak was chewy but edible.  We were so disappointed as the restaurant itself was in such a lovely atmosphere, we also felt the waiter services here was terrible our starters were on the table before our drinks and we had to ask three times for a glass of water. This was the first time we had come across this kind of service since we had been here.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

After dinner we went to the swing bar round by the pool again where Sam continued to work his way down the rest of the cocktail menu and we enjoyed a few more shots this time they were called bumblebees which tasted like caramel until the bar closed, we then headed back to the room for a few more drinks on the balcony.

October 13th – Day 4 

We went straight down to the pool again today as we wasn’t too worried about breakfast, we had been sitting on the sun beds for around 20 minutes when the rain decided to make and appearance it was way too early for rain.  As the rain started to get heavier we decided that we would go to breakfast and hopefully the rain clouds had gone by the time we finished.  As I didn’t enjoy the normal buffet we decided to try out the Gondola restaurant where breakfast was still self service but appeared to be a little calmer and less manic.  After breakfast we grabbed a cup of tea from the little coffee shop and headed back out to the sunbeds.

The rain had finally gone and sun was out we stayed on our sun loungers for the majority of the day hopping in and out of the pool when it all of a sudden felt like someone was turning the oven up on us.  By late afternoon I felt like my skin was being burnt to a crisp so we went to the swing bar for a drink and some shade.  We sat here for a couple of hours trying different cocktails and we also got half a pizza to share from the pizza guy round the pool.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

By 4.30pm the clouds had started to roll in and it was much cooler so we sat back round the pool for an hour or so.  At the swing bar the previous night the couple we had been talking to had told us about the hotel releasing baby turtles into the ocean which straight away I had fallen in love with the idea.  They do this every night along the beach sometimes at the sunrise beach and others at the Nizuc beach.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

After the sun had gone we headed to the Nizuc beach side of the resort where they were doing a baby turtle release this took place at 6.30pm so we were early but we sat on the sun beds and waited around for the entertainment team to turn up on the beach. The turtle release was incredible they were so little and there was so many of them (there is more about this and more pictures in another post). After this we headed back to our room and got ready for the evening.

We were heading over to the Nizuc side of the resort to try out the Mexican restaurant, being in Mexico of course you have to go to the Mexican restaurant to try the fajitas and tacos if you don’t your crazy.  To get to the Nizuc side of the resort  we had to catch the lobby to lobby bus which runs around every 15 minutes. Once we reached the Nizuc hotel we went for a little walk around to see what they had that our hotel didn’t before we went for dinner.  The Mexican restaurant was lovely you had a mini taco and tortilla chips to start then a salad then we both had fajitas which were really good I just had coconut ice cream for pudding, while Sam was doing shots with the waiters.  They really don’t let you go without doing at least one shot.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

We then caught the bus back to Sunrise where we headed out to the swing bar (again) by the pool for more drinks until close at 1am.

October 14th – Day 5

We woke up today to the sound of rain clearly the weatherman didn’t know this was my last day to catch the sun. We went for breakfast at the little patisserie and I had a Nutella and coconut pancake which can only be described as heaven.  Eventually the rain stopped and we got sun loungers under an umbrella today as Sam had had enough of being burnt by the sun. Today was also the opening day for the refurbished restaurant which also had a swim up bar so we sat by this one I think it was called Barracuda. We slept in the sun for the morning swimming back and forward to the bar with a drink and watched the pool entertainment from the sun loungers  which is very funny, the entertainment team work so hard.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

As it was opening day the Barracuda restaurant we went here for lunch. It is a buffet service but you can get food made fresh on the BBQ. It’s a nice little restaurant, with lots of choice from the BBQ to salad, pasta breads, cheeses etc and also nice to get out the sun for an hour or so. We went back to the sun loungers for a couple of hours and then headed to the flow rider pool bar where we enjoyed a few more cocktails and watched people attempt the flow rider.

The rain decided to then make another appearance this time not so lightly we had a huge downpour so we went back to the room and chilled on the balcony for a couple of hours. We then set off to the sunrise beach around 6pm to do the turtle release again I loved it so much the first time I had to take part again. This time we got to release two turtles, I think the wind and rain had put a few people off the idea but it still goes ahead so don’t be put off.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa, Turtle Release

After the turtle release we went back to the room to get ready for dinner we were heading back over to the Nizuc side again by the lobby to lobby bus but this time we went to the Brazilian steakhouse. This is a beautiful restaurant it seats so many people but never feels busy. You start with the salad bar which is a self service and there is everything you could possibly think of there.  Next you were given your sides which is potato, onion, rice, beans and courgette. The waiters then come round with all different types of meat which they carve at your table and put onto your plate. You also have a card on your table one side red one side green this indicates where you want more meat or not. Once you can’t stand the constant meat being put onto your plate you turn the card to red and they will no longer come to your table with meat. It was great fun we had never been to a restaurant like this before but we were way too full for pudding.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

After dinner, we then headed back to Sunrise where we checked out the Sky Lounge which is a nice bar and only for over 18s which is quite nice for a hotel, we enjoyed a couple of drinks here. We then went to the patteserie as we were ready for some kind of pudding I had coconut Ice cream and Sam had pistachio both nice but both so creamy we couldn’t finish it all.  We then took a stroll round the resort and back to the room where we chilled on the balcony for the rest of the evening.

October 15th – Day 6

Today we were heading back to UK, sad times.  When I woke up I sat on the hammock on the balcony for a while as the rain was here again yet again in full force this time along with heavy winds, part of me was glad we were leaving as this weather looked like it was here for the day, the sky was grey for miles. We went for some breakfast in the patisserie where i enjoyed another Nutella and coconut pancake and another tea.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

Finally the rain had given us a bit of a break so on the way back to the room we decided to give the mini golf a go.  This was all free you just went to the mini golf hut and gave them your room number and they gave you gold balls and putters.  We managed to play all 18 holes in around an hour before the heavens decided to open again.  Luckily our room looked onto the mini golf so we didn’t have far to run but everyone was running for cover again from the rain.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

We had the room until 1pm so after mini golf it was time to do our packing and get ready to leave for the airport.  Once we were packed we did chill on the balcony and watch the rain until the bell boy came to collect out luggage.  Once luggage was collected we checked out at reception and went for some lunch in the buffet which part of me was dreading after the breakfast experience however, I was pleasantly surprised to find it really calm, food was lovely also.  After lunch we headed for the lobby bar to chill until our pick up time.  A few drinks later it was time to leave for the airport.

When we were eat the airport check in seemed to be fairly quick, we then had a nose through the shops and went to Bubba Gump for some food and a drink.  Time seemed to go so quick in the airport and it also seemed to be really quiet maybe because it was late afternoon who knows but it was nice as far as airports go.

Time to board the plane, sad times that our 2015 adventure was coming to an end but as it had done nothing but rain all day I was quite glad to be leaving. Once on the plane we everyone was seated and ready to leave, plane doors closed tunnel moved away from the plane and 2 seconds later it was back, they had left the fuel documents on board, tunnel attached doors open paperwork off.  Ready to leave again, doors closed and ready to taxi away, this time we moved away and came to a quick stop, this time nobody knew what was wrong but then we started moving back towards the airport.  To cut a long story short the pilot said one of the engines had failed and they were calling an engineer out.  A whole 4 hours later and the pilots and crew nearly abandoning the journey home they have fixed the problem and finally we were on our way back to the UK.  However, sitting on a plane for 4 hours on the runway was not much fun when we still had an 8 hour journey home.  We made it in the end though.

We had great fun in Mexico and would definitely consider going back again for a longer time and maybe doing some trips and maybe going into Cancun but this was just a relaxing 5 days for us after 10 days of running around site seeing in America.  If anything it gives us more reason to go back to visit 🙂

My highlight of the 5 days would have to be the releasing of the baby turtles, that memory will stay with me forever.

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