Carrot Cake Bakes Box

January’s Bakes Box was a New Year New Me Wholemeal Carrot Cake. As it was wholemeal that makes it healthy right? I was never really a huge fan of carrot cake until recently.  I have now grown to really love it although I think my main love is for the cream cheese frosting.

Anyway back to the cake, I mixed all my ingredients in my stand alone mixer however, I didn’t include the sultanas as I am not a huge fan of them in cake.  I split my mixture between two tins and baked for around 45 minutes in the centre of the oven. The smell while this cake was baking was incredible the smell of spices filled the house and reminded me a bit of Christmas.

Once my cake was baked and cooling on a wire rack, I started to make my cream cheese icing.  My first attempt was an ultimate fail, the icing was far too runny and was definitely not going on the cake as it would have run off the cake.  The second attempt went much better and was more of a spreadable consistency.

Next up was the caramel dripped hazelnuts.  I always find caramel a tricky thing to make the slight turn of the head and it can be burnt as quick as that.  I managed to catch my caramel just in time.  I waited for the caramel to cool slightly and thicken before dipping my hazelnuts on sticks into the caramel and leaving them to drip until they went hard.  This was the first time I had attempted this sort of thing and I didn’t find it as tricky as I thought I would so don’t be scared by the look of them it is easier than you think.

I was extremely happy with my carrot cake and so were my family when they had heard that this months bakes box had been made and was ready to eat.

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