When my Bakes Box dropped through the door and I seen the recipe was Macarons I was filled with dread.  Every time I have attempted to make macarons they have been huge fails.  I have had raw macarons, macarons stuck to the tray, macarons not rising you name it, it had probably happened to me while attempting macarons. However, I will not be beaten and I would attempt the macarons with hope.

Bakes Box Macarons

This month Bakes Box had collaborated with Georgias Cakes (@georgiascakes) which I couldn’t be happier about.  Seeing Georgias amazing cakes and macarons on Instagram filled me with hope that I could finally crack the dreaded macarons with her simple recipe.

So I started off with reading this recipe through about 5 times trying to get my head round what I was doing, finally I plucked up the courage to start the dreaded macarons.  I followed Georgia’s recipe step by step taking my time.  First off by making an almond paste, then beating my eggs into stiff peaks.  If I am honest I did have to do the sugar syrup twice I put it on the hob and went back to watching my egg white as I worried about over whisking my eggs.  I then got that sudden smell of burning which was my sugar syrup on the hob whoops. Lets forget about that first attempt, second time round I kept an eye on it.  I then added the sugar syrup to my egg white and carried on whisking until cooled. Splitting my mixture into two I added cocoa to one and pink colouring to the other.  The consistency looked better than any other attempt I had done before, positive vibes and all that.  I piped my small discs onto my tray and put them into the oven for 12 minutes watching them like a complete nutter through the glass.

When the timer went off on the cooker I was hopeful as through the glass they looked how they should.  Once out the oven I could have done a little happy dance round the kitchen.  I left the macarons to completely cool and gently peeled them away from the greaseproof paper.  Finally I had cracked these little beasts, none of the inside was stuck to the paper and they didn’t fall apart in my hands. To fill the macarons I made a chocolate ganache for the chocolate macarons and a french buttercream flavoured with pistachio paste. Not wanting to break my macarons I delicately piped my chocolate ganache and pistachio buttercream onto the shells and places a small raspberry in the centre and finished by placing my other shell on top.


What started with so much dread for this months bakes box turned into so much delight and finally I made the perfect macarons.


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