If you are after a great burger and a milkshake that looks like a work of art then this is the place to be!

Before visiting New York this year I was doing a bit of research when I came across some photos on Instagram of milkshakes that can only be described as a work of art. As soon as I laid my eyes on this picture I had to find out where it was and add it to my must visit places while in New York.  After a bit of research I found out the milkshakes were in fact form the Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beers and boy did this place appear to be popular.

Black Tap

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, Broome Street Location

The Black Tap has two locations in New York one in Soho (529 Broome St) and one in the Meatpacking District (248 W 14th St). After visiting both locations on our visit we soon began to realise this place was very popular in New York with both restaurants having queues out the door no matter what time of the day you visited.  However, the queue it is worth it in the end when you get to order your own Black Tap Milkshake.

Broome St is a much smaller location than the Meatpacking location.  The Meatpacking location is more of a restaurant style with lots of table seating as well as seating at the bar.  This restaurant also doesn’t open until early evening so just bear that in mind when choosing your location.  Broome St is a very small location, the only seating they have is at the bar. To give you an idea of how small this location is, you can only seat around 16 people at the bar at once.  Now if every person is having food and a milkshake they are seated for just over an hour, hence the long queue to get in.  The guys that work at the Black Tap are really good though, they always come out and let you know roughly how long your wait will be and when you are standing in the queue you really do appreciate this especially when it is February and freezing cold outside.

Black Tap

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, Broome Street Location

Now onto the food we both ordered the Texan Burger which came with aged cheddar, crispy onions, bacon, sweet baby ray’s BBQ & mayo now how amazing does that sound!  One thing I did love was the fact they did gluten free bun option here so nobody needed to miss out on the amazing burgers they had to offer. Each burger is served with french fries which can be substituted for onion rings, sweet potato fries, house salad or any side for $2.  All burgers on the menu range from $14-$18 depending on which burger you pick.  If burger isn’t your cup of tea then really you picked the wrong place to eat, however, there are salads on the menu ranging from $14-$18 and also wings as an alternative to a burger.  Now onto what the Texan Burger was actually like… in one world delicious.  I was so hungry and so excited when my burger turned up that I actually forgot to take a picture straight away.  The burger was cooked to perfection and the BBQ sauce topped the burger off.  Having been to the US on a number of occasions and had my fair share or burgers this one was way up at the top.

Black Tap Burger

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, Texan Burger

Now onto the bit that you have probably been wanting to read most the Black Tap Milkshakes. Of course this is the main reason that every flocks to the Black Tap.  Everyone has seen the hand crafted milkshakes that look like they could give you a heart attack with the amount of calories in them, yet everyone wants to get their hands on one. After 2 hours of queuing and devouring one of their tasty burgers I finally got my hands on one of those milkshakes to be precise a Cotton Candy milkshake with everything imaginable in it.

My first impression of the milkshake was just wow, with cotton candy in pastel colours on top like a bit fluffy cloud and different lollies flying out the top at every angle and finished with pearlescent sweets round the edge what was there not to love about this milkshake.  In fact it was so beautiful you just don’t want to start eating it, until the cream starts to melt and you really have to start tucking in before it melts away.  The milkshake was a meal in itself and after our burger it was a struggle to finish, part of me felt like I was on Man v Food.  However, I did my best and it was amazing from the fluffy cotton candy to the strawberry milkshake everything tasted awesome.

Black Tap

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, Black Tap Milkshakes, The Cookie, Sour Power, Cotton Candy 

The Black Tap does 4 different speciality milkshakes, Cotton Candy, Sweet n’ Salty, The Cookie and Sour Power. Speciality milkshakes from the Black Tap are priced at $15 which is a respectable price given the amount of work and how much goodies are included in these milkshakes.  If a speciality milkshake isn’t your thing and you would rather just a normal milkshake then there are other milkshakes on offer at $7, but really we are all there for the big milkshakes lets be honest.

Black Tap Milkshakes

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, Milkshake Prep Area

I had a fantastic visit to the Black Tap even if I did have to queue to get in, once seated at the small bar with one of their milkshakes the wait was worth every minute. The Black Tap is a real gem which will only become more and more popular than it already is.  If you are off to New York add it to your must visit places, it really is worth it. I can’t wait to return in the future.

*This post is not a sponsored post. All opinions and photographs are my own.*


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