bakes Box December 2015

December’s Bakes Box dropped through the door early to my excitement. This month’s recipe was a Chocolate Truffle Mud Cake… sounds like chocolate heaven to me! I was meant to be making this cake for New Year however, due to spending too many hours shopping in the sales I never got round to baking. So finally, now that January is here and everyone is on diets I thought I would make the Chocolate Truffle Mud Cake to tempt all the family off the diets…. it worked ūüôā

This cake could not be any easier to make, the cake batter is made in a a couple of simple steps and before you know it it’s in the oven baking for 30 minutes. ¬†Once the cake is baked and cooling you can start making your chocolate ganache for the outside of the cake. The cake is then ¬†filled with a chocolate cream (tempting the dieters a little more ;-)). ¬†The home made chocolate truffles on top are made by using excess cake and some chocolate ganache and left to go hard in the fridge. ¬†I stacked my cake along with some Lindt chocolate balls and finished with a white chocolate drizzle and a sparkly glitter. ¬†Nobody could say no to this chocolate temptation.

To find the full detailed method to this cake check out Bake Box Bakes Blog here

As much as this cake looks like a chocolate overload and far too rich to eat, surprisingly, it had just the right amount of chocolate not too rich and not too heavy, the perfect chocolate cake. Below are a few pictures of my baking along the way.

Bakes Box chocolate truffle mud cake

Bakes Box chocolate truffle mud cake

Bakes Box chocolate truffle mud cake

Chocolate Truffle Mud Cake

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