I’m a huge fan of anything coconut, bounty, Malibu, cake, coconut pieces if it has coconut in it I’m sure I will love it. I thought I would try two different cupcakes containing coconut.

The first cupcake was a coconut sponge made with desiccated coconut. I like to sometimes fill my cupcakes with a filling for the surprise element when someone bites into them, these cupcakes I filled with a raspberry jam which went really well with the coconut sponge. I topped the cupcakes with a buttercream made from Sugar & Crumbs coconut icing sugar, a sprinkling of desiccated coconut and a home made milk chocolate heart. These were delicious and I received so many compliments about the raspberry jam centre, I guess I will be making more of these ones through the summer.

The second coconut cupcakes I wanted to be more like a bounty as this is one of my favourite chocolate bars who doesn’t love bounty? Again I made some coconut sponge cupcakes and topped them with buttercream made from Sugar and Crumbs coconut icing sugar. To finish the cakes I melted some dairy milk chocolate a piped some lines over the icing. I then popped the cakes in the fridge for 5 minutes so the chocolate went hard. These tasted just like a bounty but in a cake instead of a chocolate bar AMAZING.

Coconut Cupcakes

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