Whilst browsing on Instagram I stumbled across a company called Coconut Lane. While browsing their website I fell in love instantly.  Coconut Lane “Inject fun into the world of home and fashion accessories”. With a range of prints with quotes we all love on, to dainty jewellery and phone cases with unicorns on, they have the perfect gift selection for any age.

Coconut Lane

The more I browsed the website the more I fell in love so of course I purchased a few goodies which you can see below and I will definitely be purchasing more.

Coconut Lane’s greeting cards start from £2.70 with some great sayings on them.  I purchased “Life without you is like Cara without brows”.  The card is A5 in size and blank inside so it is perfect for you to add your own message inside.

Coconut Lane

Now onto the jewellery, I purchased the infinity ring and the moon and stars necklace.  The jewellery starts from £9 and goes up to around £15.  The jewellery is very delicate and dainty and will make a perfect addition to any jewellery collection.

The rings come in the sizes small/medium or medium/large.  Now I do have skinny piano fingers so I purchased small/medium, however, it only fitted on one finger, it was a tad too big for my others.  Damn you skinny fingers!

Coconut Lane

The moon and stars necklace is very elegant with two chains, one shorter than the other which makes it quite unique.  This is the perfect necklace for a high neck top, on the occasions I have worn mine I have always received lovely compliments about it.

Coconut Lane

Now for the exciting bit, everyone loves a discount code so why not treat yourself with mine.  You can get yourself 20% off all purchases using my unique code lucyjane20 at the checkout on the Coconut Lane website.

Happy shopping and let me know if you buy anything! Remember to tag me in pictures of your purchases on Instagram (@lucyjfoster) or Twitter (@lucyjanefoster1).

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