I am the biggest creme egg fan and I thought with creme eggs being off the shelf from Easter Sunday I needed a dessert with a creme egg overload for the family… well for me but I will share with the family.

I found a few recipes online for a creme egg cheesecake and adapted it slightly and added a few things that I prefer.  The cheesecake is such a simple desert to make involving no cooking really just a microwave. If you don’t like creme eggs you could always use the same method but with different sweets. So this is how I made the most amazing desert.

First I blended 280g of digestive biscuit in a food processor, you can do it the old fashion way by crushing the biscuit with a rolling pin in a bag but I love a gadget for baking so in the food processor it went.  I then melted 140g of unsalted butter in the microwave, once this was melted, mix the butter and digestive biscuit together and place into the bottom of your tin (I used a spring release 20cm tin with a loose bottom).

Next I put 260g of Philadelphia cream cheese into the Kitchenaid and mixed on a slow setting (around 20s) so it was smooth.  I then added 560ml of double cream and 140g of icing sugar and mixed together (around 90s) on a medium setting .  While this was mixing I cut up 4 large cream eggs into small pieces and then threw this into the bowl and mixed in by hand.  I decided to add the inside of 1 vanilla pod into the bowl and mixed by hand until everything was fully combined.  I then put all of this mix on top of my biscuit base and spread evenly with a small pallet knife.  This then goes in the fridge for around 4 hours or overnight.

Just before you serve your cheesecake cut your large creme eggs (I used 6 as there was 12 of us and everyone needs half a creme egg) in half and place on top of the cheesecake.  Then melt around 40g of milk chocolate in the microwave and pop into a piping bag once melted, snip the end and drizzle all over the cheesecake.  You need to do this step again with 80g of white chocolate, once this is melted half the melted chocolate into two bowls and add some yellow food colouring to one bowl, this made my bowl of white chocolate go a orange colour, then again pop the chocolate into piping bags and drizzle all over the cheesecake.

There you have it an amazing creme egg cheesecake which the family will love.

Creme Egg Cheesecake

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