This March I have decided to chuck the chocolate and go on a DECHOX to help raise money for the British Heart Foundation fund its life saving heart research.

So what is a Dechox? It basically means that throughout March there will be absolutely no chocolate bars, no chocolate cake, no chocolate biscuits with my tea, not even any chocolate sprinkles or a hot chocolate are allowed.  That was a lot of chocolates in one sentence but basically no chocolate is allowed through the whole of March and for someone who loves chocolate as much as me, this challenge could be pretty difficult with all the temptation around, yes I am talking about the whole shelf in the fridge dedicated to chocolate and the emergency box in the cupboard.

Just to give you an idea of what people’s donations can go to, as little as £3 which is the price of a large chocolate bar, can pay for three disposable flasks that are used daily by scientists for their research experiments.  The cost of a restaurant dessert at £5 could help a cardiac nurse provide vital information and support to heart patients and finally, £10 the cost of a shop bought birthday cake could pay for a story pack to help a child grieve for the loss of a loved one.

Follow my month of no chocolate on the blog where I will be doing weekly updates on how I am getting on avoiding the temptation of chocolate and trying to find sweet alternatives that give me that fix I always seem to need.

There is no pressure whatsoever to sponsor me however, if you would like to sponsor me my just giving page is and I will be extremely grateful 🙂

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