These are possibly one of the most effective cupcakes I have done, they are very basic but very cute to look at. I made these for my friends little girl who loves Disney Princesses. I made the Disney princess toppers by printing out a card stencil I found online I then made them double sided and put them into the cupcakes with cocktail sticks so unfortunately they were not edible but I’m sure if you had edible icing paper and a special printer you could do them that way. I then coloured my buttercream icing to match the Disney princess dresses which I then swirled onto the cupcakes with a large star nozzle this way I could make the dresses look like they were big and poofy. I did use a flavoured Sugar and Crumbs icing for these which was raspberry ripple flavour so not only the fact they were Disney princesses go down a treat the fact that they were flavoured too also went down well. I loved making these though and never wanted to eat them as they look so good sitting together.

Disney Princess Cupcakes

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