Home time, we slept in until 8.30am, we then got up and started to pack our suitcases this is never a fun task coming home from America. When will I learn to bring less clothes out with me so I can bring more home with me.

We then went to go to the pool, we stepped outside the door and the rain was coming down so I guess there was not going to be any last minute sunshine for me, back to the room to chill for a bit. We also ate the cheesecake from last night mmm tasted so good. We decided to get ready to leave and check out and go get some lunch before travelling to the airport. We had check out till 1pm but checked out at 12.30pm. We went to Millers Ale House again for some lunch and sat in the outside area this time, I had a build your own chicken burger and Sam had a burger we both had fizzy drinks, this came to $31.75 inc tip.

We chilled out here for a couple of hours and headed to the airport. We reached the airport around 3:45 handed our car back and made our way to the terminal. They tried to charge us $76 on return of our car but when we questioned the girl why it wsa so much she couldn’t tell us.  We then went to the main desk and all of a sudden it was reduced to $31 just like magic.

We sat in the Budweiser bar in Sandford airport and got a pitcher of coors light which was $19 and then boarded our flight home :-(. The plane took off on time and we were in the same seats as before, the journey time also appears to be quicker on the way home only 7 hours 30 mins. The food on the way home was beef and vegetables which to be honest was not edible it was as tough as anything I couldn’t even cut it in half let alone chew it. I ate the crackers with butter and the roll with butter but even the pudding didn’t look appetising it was a lemon sort of cake. About and hour and half prior to landing we had breakfast which was a cheese egg and bacon muffin with orange juice it was ok reminded me a bit of macdonalds.

We had the most amazing sunset on the plane home the picture doesn’t really do it justice even the cabin crew made an announcement about the view.  We landed 20 mins early and to no rain yayy.

Plane Sunset

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my two weeks in florida 🙂

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