Discovery Cove, Planet Hollywood, Downtown Disney

Up at 6.30am today for Discovery Cove. Check in begins at 7.15am so planning to get there just after as I need to check in for my dolphin swim to get an early swim time. We arrived at Discovery Cove around 7.30am we went to check in and a little tip is to remember photo ID, I totally forgot and thought I was going to have to go back to the hotel but they let us off, passes were issues and I got a 9.30am dolphin swim. Sam got a 2.30pm Sea Venture slot.

Off into the gardens were we had our complimentary photo taken and then off to have a look around we took some photos while the pools were all empty and then headed for breakfast. We both had an American breakfast it didn’t look very appetising but it was edible and tasted good we both had bottled water.

Discovery Cove Florida

Then we went off to get our wetsuit jackets put our stuff in a locker and grab some towels and snorkels. By this time I then had to go off for my dolphin swim you have to sign a waiver and listen to a trainer go through health and safety make sure you take all jewellery off the dolphins think they are toys. Then off to the Dolphin Cove to have some interaction with them. My dolphin was called Kayley and my trainer was called Katie she was very informative and made sure we got the most out of the 30 minutes with Kayley. There is people in the water taking photos but as Sam wasn’t doing the swim he sat up on the rocks taking photos of me. They did allow Sam into the water to have a picture with me and the dolphin at the end which was nice of them just a shame I had my eyes completely closed in the photo. This was the most fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend it.

Discovery Cove

We then went off to the bird aviary and to see the otters. The otters were all asleep but the aviary was definitely awake, birds were flying everywhere, as you go in you grab a cup of food and hold if out and the birds fly down onto your arm or head or side of the cup to eat the food. All the staff were very knowledgeable about all the types of birds. We then went to the fresh water oasis where the marmosets were they were running about in their trees in the middle while we swam round them. After a swim about here we headed for the lazy river this was lovely as it took you through the aviary too and it was lovely to see different parts of the park going round.

Discovery Cove

After this we headed for lunch there was lots of options but we both opted for chicken tenders and salad with cookies for pudding with a coke and bottle of water the lunch was very nice.  After this we headed for the grand reef, were the sting rays and fish are. Now I am absolutely petrified of the sea and sealife so getting into the water was going to be a bit of a scary thing Sam did a bit of swimming around while I stayed knee deep in the water the stingrays seemed friendly but I wasn’t convinced in the end I had to jump on Sams back while we went around. Sam then had to go off for his Sea Venture so I sat in the sun for a while until the most enormous black cloud came over and then the huge raindrops started and rumbles of thunder. Everyone had to leave all the pools and we were asked to take shelter due to lighting I headed for the Sea Venture cabana as this was where Sam was. I sat chatting to the staff for a while but the storm wasn’t passing quickly. Sam obviously got pulled out the water and his Sea Venture stopped until the storm has passed we sat here for 2 hours and just watched the storm it was very loud and the rain was awful. Eventually they got code yellow which meant the storm had passed and it was safe to go back in the water so he was off back on his Sea Venture and I stayed in the cabana and spoke to the staff who were all really friendly. Sam got some amazing pictures doing this so if you love sea life this would be the experience for you. After this we headed back to the lockers as it was nearly park closing time the rain was still falling so he headed home but I would have loved to have another go in the stingray lagoon and tried to be brave swimming around maybe next time.

Discovery Cove

We picked up our complimentary entrance photo and headed off home. We stayed in the hotel for around an hour to let the rain ease off then we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner, again the heavens had opened but we were not going to let it beat us. We parked up and headed to Planet Hollywood for dinner we had received a voucher for VIP seating and a free appetiser when we booked our Disney tickets so we thought we may as well use it. We were seated straight away due to VIP oo la la. Then we had the crunch chicken as our free appetiser which was tasty. I had a cheeseburger and Sam had breaded lasagne which was very filling apparently. This came to $56 we saved $11.99 with the free appetiser so not bad. We then had a look round Downtown Disney I got a Minnie pen and a Minnie car ariel  topper for my car as I have a mini. The Lego store was manic, Sam got a key ring here of a lego man. Then the Xmas store where we got a christmas bauble for our tree so now I can’t wait for Christmas to get it out the box and put it on the tree. The rain was still coming down so we decided to call it a night back to hotel where we watched a bit of tv and then went to bed ready for Hollywood studios tomorrow.

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