Busch Gardens, Fantasmic, Brickhouse Tavern & Tap

On the road at 8.30am, petrol first at the station across the road and then we were off to Busch Gardens. The journey took around an hour and 15 minutes and it couldn’t be any more straight forward out of the 73 miles we spent 63 on the I4. When we arrived we got the tram to the park, parking was $17. We picked up our tickets for our Serengeti Safari at 11.30am at the torus desk. We went straight for Cheetah Hunt as we thought this would have the biggest queue later due to it being a new ride, we walked straight on. We then seen the cheetah doing a training session with the keepers.

Then Montu which again we walked straight on. We then walked through Africa seeing the animals on the way they seemed to be all awake whether this was because it was still quite early or maybe it was feeding time I’m not sure.

Busch Gardens Florida

We then headed to check in for our Safari. Once checked in they locked all your bags away in secure cupboards and headed to the open top safari Jeep. They gave you a quick safety briefing and we were off. We were really lucky as there were only 8 people in our Jeep and the girl said they normally take up to 18 people out at once so it felt like a little private tour. We seen a lot of wildlife including zebras, wilderbeasts, rhinos etc we then headed to the giraffes where we got to feed Rebecca the giraffe. She was so friendly and our tour guide was very knowledgeable about her and the other animals, she explained how they tell the difference between all the giraffes. We fed the giraffe lettuce which she loved, we had photos feeding her and she even let you scratch her neck, it was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed this as much as my dolphin swim at Discovery Cove.

Busch Gardens Florida

After the feeding we then headed back to the base and that was the end of our tour. After the tour you could view your photos at the desk there was no pressure to buy them. We then went on Falcon Fury this is Busch Gardens newest ride and it was brilliant I definitely recommend this one, we didn’t have to queue for the ride, I think if we did I would have talked myself out of it. I really did scream coming down, it was so high up you could see for miles.   We then headed for Sheikra this was the only ride we had to queue for and the queue was only about 25 minutes. We had some lunch at Zambia smokehouse which was beef brisket with salad and fries with 2 bottles of water which was good.  This was $23.76 and again we shared it.

We then walked through the kangaroos and seen the flamingos and headed for Gwazi now this ride I can only explain as it feels like being put into a blender and switched on for 2 mintues, when you come off you feel like you have been shaken up. We then decided to walk back round to the back of the park and ride Kumbar. We grabbed some dipping dots on the way which reminded me of the old Solero Shots these were $6.49 for a large cup.

Busch Gardens Florida

After this a storm started to come so we decided to call it a day and head home. When we left the park Sam seemed to forget his was in America and decided to turn into oncoming traffic when turning left instead of going to the far lane. Luckily there was no oncoming traffic and as soon as he turned he realised his mistake and corrected himself but my heart did start to raise a little. On the way home Google Maps decided to take us on a little detour as there was traffic on the I4 and Google Maps likes to take you the quickest route, so we took a little tour through Tampa and seen the residential houses and schools around when we finally reached the I4 the rain started and boy did it come down we were going 10mph and could barely see in front of us it was the worse than Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Night.

We finally reached our hotel after around 1 hour and 40 minutes. We got ready for the evening and headed to Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic.  We got to the park around 7.30pm there was no parking attendant on the booths so we just drove through and parked up near the front and went to see Fantasmic. This is a good show and worth seeing, it involves a lot of characters and more of a performance on water.

Busch Gardens Florida

After this we left Hollywood studios and went to get dinner it was chaos when leaving as everyone was waiting for the fireworks when we finally got out we managed to watch the fireworks from the carpark. We then headed to the Brickhouse Tavern and Tap for dinner along International Drive. It seemed that a lot of local people were at this bar we had a nice meal and sat outside instead of inside for a change. I had ribs and Sam had meatloaf which were both nice and we both had chocolate cake with caramel sauce. It came to $55.99 inc tip and drinks. We then went back to the hotel for the evening.

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