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Up early today not a very good night sleep was up at 6am. I read the news on my phone and read what there was at the Disney water parks as that was the plan for today. I also managed to get a fast pass for the wishes fireworks tonight so hopefully we can get some good photos. We went to Denny’s for breakfast around 8.30am, it was lovely and quiet we were seated straight away and it had a much nicer feel than Ihop yesterday. We both had a build your own grand slam. I had bacon, egg, sausage and buttermilk pancakes. Sam had the same but hash brown instead of pancakes. Sam had tea and I had water. The food was lovely waitress very attentive and all came to $20 inc tip.


We got to Typhoon Lagoon around 10am and it was really quiet we got parked near the front and didn’t have to queue to get in. We rented two towels for the day which were $2 each, we also rented a small locker which was $13 however you got $5 back on return of the locker key. We got our beds and off we went we did all the water slides in around 40 minutes there was no queues at all. We did some of them again and then headed to the wave pool.

This wave pool is probably one of the best I have seen the wave was so strong and takes you off your feet. It’s so strong that it took me off my feet and grazed my knee on the bottom of the pool (I was in the shallow end). This is great fun though. We had some lunch here, I had chicken nuggets and Sam had a chicken burger we both had a drink and it came to $25.84. We then laid in the sun for a while,

Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon

We decided we were going to go to Magic Kingdom to see the Festival of Fantasy Parade as we still hadn’t seen it so we left Typhoon Lagoon (it was starting to get very busy now) we popped back to the hotel to get rid of our swim stuff then off to Magic Kingdom we made it there around 2.45pm and sat on the curb waiting for the Parade. The weather was coming over a bit dark so we just hoped they went ahead with it as sometimes they cancel at the last minute that’s what they did last time we went to watch it. They didn’t cancel and we managed to watch the parade which was really good the floats, the dancing, the characters, they do go the extra step to make it so magical.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

After this we went to meet Mickey at the town theatre we had a fast pass so this got us in quick, this was brilliant Mickey spoke to you asked you questions said cheese when having your photo taken it really did make me giggle.

When we left here the rain started we thought we would see how far we could get before you had to take cover we didn’t get far we got down Mainstreet and just to the left of the castle where we found a bench under cover and we had a waffle with strawberries and cream which was $6.39. The rain then started to come down heavy, we stayed here for about an hour an a half watching the rain and it just didn’t look like it was going to give up. It started to get lighter so we thought we would walk to Space Mountain as we had a fast pass for that we ran through the rain and when we got there was told it was closed due to technical difficulties. We waited in line however the rain started getting heavy again and we were getting soaked as I left the ponchos in the car oops. We decided to go back to the car and get the ponchos as we had a fast pass for Wishes Fireworks at 9pm so we wanted to hang around in the hope the rain would stop.

Well by time we got back to the car it was monsoon rain no poncho was going to save us from this. We decided just to call it a night and miss the fireworks luckily we had already seen them before. We then went to the outlet to quickly pick a christmas present up from Ralph kids store but we then realised we didn’t know what size to get so we came away with nothing and headed for dinner as we were starving.

NYPD Pizza

We went to NYPD pizzeria at Lake Cay tonight this was somewhere we visited 6 years ago and it was so nice to go back and see they had extended the restaurant and it was still serving brilliant pizzas. We had two pizzas and 2 drinks and it came to $27 inc tip. They even gave us a box for what we didn’t eat.

We then went home as it was still raining and driving appears to be quite stressful in the dark and rain (you couldn’t see the road markings) so we called it a night. It was the last full  day tomorrow 🙁

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