Florida Shopping 

When going to Florida you can’t help but go mad when shopping. Below I have shown you a few things that I got while I was in Florida in September.  We went shopping at the Premium Outlets both on International Drive and Vineland, Mall at Millenia and the Florida Mall.

First I will start with a few of my Disney purchases.  The following were all purchased at Downtown Disney.

First is my Mickey Mouse Christmas Bauble, this was from Disney’s days of Christmas, it has everything Christmassy at any time of the year, I love it. When I walked into the shop I seen this bauble and fell in love with it, I put it back on the shelf just in case I found another one I loved more but after 30 minutes in the shop I went back to this one and purchased it.  It cost $18.95 ($20.19 inc tax), you could get them personalised with names and year and this was an extra $3 per word or year. Now just to wait to 1st December to put it on my tree 🙂

Next is my Minnie Mouse car aerial topper, this was from World of Disney. I got two of these as they were on offer.  One was $5.95 or two were $8.  I have a Mini so I thought Minnie Mouse would be cute to go on top.  They did all different characters including Mickey, Goofy, Mike Wazowski, Perry the Platypus and princess crowns.  My favourite was the gift pack which included a topper for different times of the year.

Next is my Minnie Mouse pen, I couldn’t go all the way to Disney and not come back with a pen to use at work.  They all laugh at me at work however, I love it and it reminds me of being in Florida. This was $5.95.

Florida Haul

World of Disney is a brilliant shop, you can spend hours in here, I think we were in the shop at least an hour.  I think parents must be scared of taking children in this shop you wouldn’t be able to leave without spending a fortune.  I also purchased some Minnie Mouse ears, the original ones and Halloween ones, I have mentioned these in my previous posts.

Moving away from Disney and to the Premium outlets.

My First purchase was from Michael Kors, this was a little black clutch bag which I have had my eye on for over a year.  As soon as I seen it in the shop I grabbed it and went straight to the till.  I can’t remember which outlet it was from but both outlets had them in just different colours.  It was $79 and they had 25% off which took it down to $59.25, including tax it came to $63.11.

It is a perfect evening bag, inside there is a little zip pocket and then little slots for your cards and money if you didn’t want to take a little purse.

Next I went to Fossil, I already have a Fossil watch and love it however it is a black ceramic one which I use as a going out watch.  I had had my eye on a few casual watches before I went to Florida however, I thought I would wait and see what I could find out there.  Fossil had some sales on their watches; they had a huge cabinet with 50% off.  As I have quite small wrists it really limits my choice.  It took three visits but I finally chose this one.  It was $125.60 reduced $62.50 including tax it came to $66.57.

Next was a trip to Nike, again I had my eyes on some trainers before I left so I knew what I wanted but it was whether I would find them in the store.  I always head to the clearance section as you can normally find some good deals and I like all the bright colours so the wall looking like a rainbow didn’t scare me away.  As I am only a size 3 I also headed for the kids clearance wall, in America kids go up to size 5 (not everywhere but most places). I managed to get some which were originally $64.99 reduced to $44.99 ($47.91 inc tax).  I will definitely stand out in the gym now.  I also purchased some gym dri-fit tops which I haven’t taken pictures of.  One was pink and the other a baby blue, these were in the clearance section.  One was $64.00 reduced to $19.97 and the other was $47.99 reduced to $17.97. Always check out the clearance rails first you can really grab yourself a bargain.

Next was a trip to Victoria’s Secret, this store  is only in the International Drive Outlet.  I would definitely recommend getting to this store as soon as it opens otherwise it is chaos.  I only purchased a couple of things.  I got a PINK sports bra which I haven’t taken a photo of but this was only $14.99.  I also purchased some body lotion which was also PINK.  This smells amazing it is jasmine and pink lemonade, I used it for the rest of my holiday.  The price of it was $7.50, obviously I got two 🙂

Florida Haul

Next up was Bath & Body Works, this is my favourite place to go when shopping in America.  I just wish they would bring it to the UK or at least do delivery to the UK, I really had to limit how much I was buying.

I love their anti-bacterial gels so this was a must buy, I got 10 oops! The flavours were, Vanilla Berry Sorbet, Jasmine Cherry Blossom, Paris, Caribbean Escape, Merry Cherry Love, Peach Pecan Cupcake, Heirloom Pear, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Golden Autumn Citrus. People comment every time I use these and ask what the lovely smell is. Anyway these should last me a while :-). They are also 5 for $5.

I also purchase some hand soap while in Bath & Body Works. The Pumpkin Cupcake flavour was on offer at the till for only $3, I couldn’t say no.  The Meyer Lemon soap was free.  They were doing an offer at the time, if you spent $10 you got a hand soap free.  They are always doing amazing offers here to, they are currently doing 2 three wick candles for $22, the candles are lovely and I wish I could have fitted some in my luggage to bring home for winter.

Bath and Body Works

I popped into Tommy Hilfiger as they had some deals in the window for up to 50% off.  I purchased a light jumper in a burgundy colour (sorry I haven’t got a picture at the moment), this was $59.50 reduced to $29.99. It is perfect for weekends in autumn.

I also purchased some slippers for Sam from Timberland, these were $26.25 with 25% off, they are like woolly boots but as they are for Christmas they have been hidden so no pictures of them.

Lastly from the outlets I purchased some new converse, these are just the classic converse in white, again as I have little feet I managed to get them in kids, with a 15% off voucher they were $28.44 inc tax.

Just a little tip for the outlet, sign up to the premium outlets website, you can then print some vouchers out or print a voucher to give to customer relations in the food court which they then give you a coupon book, there are lots of savings in here, this was where the converse voucher came from.

Leaving the premium outlets and moving to the malls.

First stop Macys, every year I buy my makeup from here, it doesn’t work out a huge saving like it used to when you could get $2 to the GBP, however, I bring spending money so why not spend it on me. I got the Clinique true bronze pressed powder bronzer. I love this bronzer and it seems to last forever I bought my last one in America last year and I still have a little bit left in there. Anyway it was $26.  I also got the stay-matte sheer pressed powder oil-free, I use this everyday as I don’t use foundation this was $24 and I got two.  The Clinique Chubby Stock Intense was given to me as a freebie. The clique staff were all lovely and so helpful they really took their time to make sure you had everything you needed.

Next was a trip to Sephora, again I purchased things that  I could get at home for around the same price but while on holiday and everything.  So I got Erase Paste which is a concealer I use from Benefit this was $26 and Benefit Bad Gal Lash which is a mascara which give lots of volume and makes my lashes look really long, this was $19.  Next was the Sephora Illusions eye palette, I found this in the sale section, this was reduced to $7… bargain.  Next was the Sephora Extractor with Lance, now I wont go into too much detail about this but it is basically a tool to remove spots.  I seen a beauty blogger (I can’t remember who :-() talk about this and thought I would buy one myself as it was highly recommended.  This was $19.

Lastly Abercrombie, I wanted some jumpers for the winter and came out with three so mission complete.  I got an over the head hoodie in Pink which was $34.99 reduced to $24.50, a casual grey zip up hoodie which was $58.00 reduced to $39.00 and lastly a grey jumper with a sheer back which was $78 reduced to $9.09.  Now this was the best bargain of the trip, I couldn’t believe it when it went through the till especially as the label said £34.99, I was over the moon.

Lastly while in Walmart I popped down the baking aisle as I love baking, I found these two box mixtures and couldn’t say no they were $2 each.  When I finally make them I will post a little blog to let you know how they turn out.

Florida Haul

Thanks for reading.


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