So today I woke up with a sore throat probably due to the air condition or all the drinking and singing who knows. I took a trip to Walgreens pharmacy to grab some throat soothers, which were a small fortune, but first was a quick stop off at McDonald’s for breakfast I love that they do sausage and egg mcmuffins without the egg so yeh I just had a sausage muffin but it tasted good.


We then carried on walking up to Fashion Show Mall I wanted to go to Victoria’s Secret as there was some pyjamas I was desperate to get my hands on I had already tried 2 stores and they didn’t have them. Anyway Fashion Show Mall is nice lots of shops but all I could focus on was looking for the store with the pink lights. It didn’t take me long to find it and finally I got my hands on those pink and white stripe pyjamas. I really was like a woman on a mission but now I had them I felt I could enjoy the other shops. Sam grabbed some tops in the Abercrombie sale and then we decided to head back to the Mirage. On the way back I stopped off at CVS and grabbed some Sensationail nail polishes which were nearly half the price compared to home.

We eventually got to the Mirage and dropped our bags off. We then decided to claim our MyVegas free play, I had $85 in free play and Sam had $60 free play, we spent a good hour maybe more playing on different slots around the casino. I managed to walk away with $61 and Sam walked away $75 winner winner.

Fashion Show Mall

We left the Mirage and headed for the Linq Promenade again as I wanted to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes and use the Cupcake ATM being a huge cake fan and baker at home. I loved the cupcake ATM it is such a brilliant idea, whoever came up with the idea needs some kind of award, cupcakes 24 hours a day from an ATM now it doesn’t get any better than that. Back to the cupcakes I chose lemon and coconut ($4.59 inc tax) which was AMAZING Sam had a chocolate marshmallow one which he said was nice as well.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Las Vegas

We then carried on walking the strip and stopped by Paris as the last time we were here we never stopped by Paris. We had a look round the casino and watched a man on the large slot machine lose around $300 in about 2 minutes. We then went to the daiquiri bar and had a frozen cocktail a whole 32oz of frozen daiquiri in a refillable cup ($16), hello brain freeze. We then sat and people watched in their little terrace while the Bellagio fountains boomed in the background. I don’t think I will ever get bored of the fountains every time I watch them I enjoy them more. We then took a slow stroll back to the Mirage to get ready for dinner.

Bellagio Fountains

We had an early dinner as we were heading to Michael Jackson One Cirque du Soleil at 7pm. We went to Stack in the Mirage which was incredible, definitely one of the best steaks we have had in such a long time. We had pigs in blankets to start (which are not the same as pigs in blankets in the UK) and our waiter was very attentive and talked us through the menu. We had a fantastic dinner and would definitely recommend to everyone. Sam still goes on about the steak now. We had pigs in blankets, 2 fillet steaks, mash potato, mixed vegetables, a glass of Prosecco and Disaronno and Coke and it came to $176.20 we left a $35 tip.

We finished our meal around 6:20 and headed for the taxi line at the Mirage. Traffic was horrendous even the taxi driver was fed up with it all, he took us the back way to Mandalay Bay but the traffic was still bad.  In the meantime I was watching the watch thinking we are going to miss the show. We reached Mandalay bay at 6.55 and ran like mad people through the casino to the Michael Jackson theatre and the show literally started as we sat down. What an incredible show this is at some points there was so much going on I had no idea where to look I needed more eyes. The dancing and acrobatics were incredible. I would happily go back and see this show again it was that good. We booked through Mandalay Bay direct over the phone before we left our tickets were $176 each. After the show we headed back to the strip walking through Luxor and then jumping on the tram to Excalibur, however, my sore throat had now turned into a full blown cold which knocked me out we jumped back in a taxi to the Mirage and just chilled back in the room with a few drinks.

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