If you have read my blog from when I was in Florida you will remember that I bought a box of funfetti cake mix.  I have no idea why I bought it as I have always made my own cupcakes but it looked pretty and it looked american so it got thrown in the shopping trolley and flown thousands of miles home to my kitchen 🙂

This mix was so easy to make I felt like such a cheat all you had to do was add eggs, water and oil and then straight in the oven, 25 minutes later we have funfetti cupcakes.  I made these last Sunday and it was a very miserable day so I decided to turn them into ice cream cupcakes.

I didn’t cheat with my buttercream you will be pleased to know, I made some vanilla buttercream and did an ice cream looking swirl on top of the cupcakes.  I then topped it off with some coloured sprinkles and a mini flake. Anyone for a 99 ice cream cupcake?

Ice Cream Cupcakes

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