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As it was nearly Christmas, Bakes Box collaborated with Maid of Gingerbread and November’s bake was a ginger biscuit box.  This was by far the hardest bake I had encountered for a long time.  I am not the biggest fan of gingerbread but I thought I would give the challenge a go at creating a little biscuit box.

Making the biscuit dough was easy peasy and I even got a bit messy by bringing the dough together with my hands. Once it had been in the fridge for half an hour it seemed a lot stiffer and easier to work with.  I rolled the dough out and used the stencils that were provided in the bakes box to cut the box shapes out.  As I had plenty of dough left over I used some of my mini Christmas cutters to create mini Christmas ginger biscuits.  I wasn’t sure if making mini biscuits was a good idea or not in the end as I ended up with three trays ready for the oven.  Anyway I managed to bake all my cut out dough until it was a golden brown colour.  I then let it cool on a wire rack until completely cool.

Now this is where the fun began putting it together.  I made some royal icing up and started to piece my box together.  This was a lot harder than it looks I had jars balancing all around the box holding the sides together, eventually the sides stayed up.  I decorated the top of the box and then realised that I should of decorated the sides of the box before putting the box together, but I managed to add a bit of decoration to the sides in the end.

I then decorated my mini Christmas biscuits and filled my box to the top with Christmas biscuits.  I then popped the lid on my box, it was a tad wobbly but I gave it a good effort.  I have added a few pictures of my box and steps along the way below.

Bakes box

Bakes Box

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