For these cupcakes I followed a recipe from Cupcake Jemma’s cupcake book.  I added a few little extras in here and there but I followed the majority of the recipe.

As these cupcakes are not in cases so they look like little pints of Guinness I didn’t use a normal cupcake tin, I used Lakeland’s 12 cup mini sandwich tin.  Each cup in this tin had a loose bottom so it is easy enough to push the cakes out when they are done with no paper case.

The sponge for the cakes was a Guinness sponge which I was surprised to say was really nice, I have only tried Guinness once and wasn’t a fan but putting Guinness into the cake batter didn’t taste that bad at all.  For the top of the “pint” I made a cream cheese icing with a tablespoon of Bailey’s Irish Cream ooo that icing was amazing.  I piped a blob on top of the sponge and then smoothed it out with a mini spatula.  The only thing missing off the top of our mini pints was a little shamrock.

Guinness Cupcakes

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