Post cruise I wanted to spend some time in Miami beach to unwind and have some final winter sun before flying home to the cold English weather. From the moment I seen the Eden Roc hotel I knew this was the hotel I wanted to stay at.  We were given other (cheaper) hotel options but I just kept going back to this particular hotel, this was the one… maybe it was a sign.

Anyway it was a while since our stay at the hotel… I know epic fail this being so late to post things however if I can just encourage one person to stay at Eden Roc by reading my little post then I would be happy. I have to confess though names of things may have changed since we stayed at the hotel like the poolside restaurant I’m sure it wasn’t called Splash.

Check in/Arrival

Upon arrival at the hotel the reception area looked stunning everything seemed so grand.  We were directed to the side where the lovely lady behind reception took our details to check in.  We did have a little bit of a mishap where they said they didn’t have a booking for us, she must have seen the sheer panic on my face.  Luckily for us we had booked as a package through a travel agent and a couple of calls to the manager at the hotel we discovered that the name had actually been booked under my middle name instead of my first name, drama over. As the hotel was not at fully capacity we were also given an upgrade to a junior suite ocean view room.


The room was lovely, as soon as we opened the door I knew the reason I kept going back to this hotel over and over again.  As you walked through the door everything seemed, clean and fresh.

You had a large hallway with a double wardrobe and safe, as you walked down you then had a fridge/coffee making area.  Through the double doors on the right was a huge bathroom, with a large bath looking out into the bedroom (there was frosted glass doors for privacy) and a large walk in shower.

The bed was placed in the middle of the room which I had never had in a hotel room before, there was a sofa and coffee table at the bottom of the bed and a work station behind the the bed.  As I walked to the back of the room and pulled back the curtain I was greeted with the most beautiful view of miami beach and the pool area.

Maid Service

The maid service was excellent the room was always cleaned to a high standard.  I must say we aren’t the messiest of people, the bed is always made before I leave the room in the morning however, we never had any complaints about the cleanliness of the room. The maid was very polite and always asked us if it was ok to go into our room which I thought was nice, the last thing I wanted was a maid flying through the door just as I’m getting out the shower.


Lobby Bar: The hotel has a few bars the main one being in the lobby bar, a very grand circular bar with not a single bottle out of place and surrounded by lounge chairs. We never drank at the hotel bar so I can’t comment on prices or the drinks but the lounge area did look very nice.

Aquatica Bar: The hotel also has a bar down by the beach and garden pool. This again looked like a nice area to have a couple of afternoon drinks with screens showing the sports. Again we didn’t drink here as well 1) we were only there for 48 hours so I wasn’t spending my time at the hotel bars and 2) the one time we did go to the bar it was just for a soft drink on the way back to the room as we were off to the airport for the long haul flight home.


Nobu: The Eden Roc hotel is actually connected/part of the Nobu hotel therefore, one of their restaurants was the famous Nobu. Nobu has been open 16 years in Miami and caters a Japanese fusion cuisine. We didn’t eat at the restaurant however I am sure it is a popular choice in Miami.

Splash by Malibu Farm: Splash is literally to the side of the main pool under a beautiful terrace. We had a lovely lunch here before we left to go to the airport. Food was excellent and large portions and we couldn’t fault the service they were very attentive. Prices I would say were reasonable for a hotel. I also noticed that this area seemed popular for business lunch meetings this didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in any way it was a hotel and I was on holiday after all.

Starbucks: Although not a restaurant Starbucks is conveniently located just to the side of the lobby in the hotel. This became our breakfast stop while we were staying at Eden Roc. We didn’t have time for a sit down breakfast so Starbucks was simply and grab and go and was perfect for what we wanted.

Malibu Farm: This restaurant was under construction when we were staying at the hotel and should be open now however the website still says coming soon. I believe the food for Splash comes from this restaurant. Obviously we didn’t eat there but it would be interesting to see if this is open so if anyone has eaten there keep me posted.


Miami Beach was just how I imagined absolutely beautiful, soft sand, clear waters, and brightly coloured beach huts. The Eden Roc has a dedicated area of beach which was nice for hotel guests. All the sun loungers were put out by staff topped with a deep cushion perfectly for an afternoon sleep.  They also have beach cabanas which I believe you had to rent out I can’t remember how much these were but people did get moved on if they hadn’t reserved them. These obviously took prime spot front row on the beach with the loungers behind them. Beach towels are also provided from the little hut on the beach so no need to bring your own.


The resort has 3 pool areas although one was under construction when we were visiting the hotel I believe this is definitely open now. The main pool has cabanas at either end that you could rent for around $200 however there were also standard sun loungers available. This applies again to the garden pool although I think the cabanas were priced from $250. Both pools never seemed busy but why would they when you have Miami Beach on your doorstep I know which view I would rather. Both pools were extremely clean and on both mornings I seen the maintenance guys checking levels and clearing anything that had got into the water overnight.

Spa & Fitness

The hotel offers both a spa and fitness facility I can’t say I went looking for either but if this is your thing then the facilities are there and if it was anything like the rest of the hotel I am sure it was immaculate.


The location of this hotel was perfect for us however if you wanted to be amongst the main part of south beach I would head further south. This hotel is slightly north of south beach right next to the Fountain Bleu hotel and just round the corner from Soho House. For us the location was perfect close enough to go and see all the main things in Miami and near the hop on hop off bus stop yet far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Miami nights. The hotel is right on the beach with direct access via a secure gate across the little path and your toes are in the perfect sand.


The staff were all incredible at this hotel they couldn’t do enough for you. Every staff member we walked past they would take the time to say hello. The staff on the beach were also very attentive always asking if we wanted a drink or if they could get menus for us. The concierge staff were excellent when leaving the hotel they were friendly and always asking if we needed help with anything.


I couldn’t recommend this hotel enough it was luxurious hotel but not too large to be overwhelming. The staff were all amazing the rooms were beautiful. Even though we only had a short 48 hour stay at the hotel it felt longer and definitely felt relaxed. As I said at the start of this post there was definitely a reason I kept going back to this hotel in the brochure trust your instincts and book the hotel.  If your heading out to Eden Roc have the best time!!

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