It’s Both!! It’s a Burger Cupcake.

I had lots of fun making these cakes, I had seen then on Pinterest while browsing through the hundreds of cupcakes on there so I thought I would give them a go myself.

To make the bun I made a vanilla sponge in my Lakeland 12 mini sandwich team.  I let these cook and then cut them in half to get the top and bottom of my bun.  I then whipped up a simple brownie mix to recreate the burger.  To make the cheese and lettuce I used fondant icing, cutting in a square for the cheese and a crinkly circle for the lettuce.  For the ketchup and mustard I coloured some buttercream but you could use royal icing.  Once I had all my elements I just had to stick them all together which I did with a blob of buttercream in between each layer. To finish the burgers off I sprinkled a bit of icing sugar to give the floury bun look.

Burger Cupcakes

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