Labadee is a port located on the northern coast of Haiti. It is a private resort leased to Royal Caribbean until 2050. Royal Caribbean has contributed the largest proportion of tourist revenue to Haiti since 1986, employing 300 locals, allowing another 200 to sell their wares on the premises for a fee and paying the Haitian government $12 USD per tourist.

The resort is completely tourist-oriented, and is guarded by a private security force. The site is fenced off from the surrounding area, and passengers are not allowed to leave the property. Food available to tourists is brought from the cruise ships. A controlled group of Haitian merchants are given sole rights to sell their merchandise and establish their businesses in the resort. Although sometimes described as an island in advertisements, it is actually a peninsula contiguous with the island of Hispaniola.  The cruise ship moors to the pier at Labadee capable of servicing the Oasis class ships which was completed in late 2009.*

*sourced from wikipedia 

What is there to do on Labadee?

Royal Caribbean has plenty of excursions for you to try on Labadee including:

  • Dragons Tail Coaster
  • Dragons Breath Flight Line
  • Kayak Adventure
  • Speedboat and snorkel
  • Arawak Aqua Park
  • Parasailing

See full list of island excursions here.

Where to go on Labadee?

Dragon’s Plaza
  • Pier Entrance
  • Dragon’s Tram Station
  • Information Center
  • Dragon’s Cafe
  • Dragon’s Breath Pub
  • Dragon’s Lookout Point
  • Dragon’s Flight Line Sign Up
Adrenaline Beach 
  • Dragon’s Tail Coaster
  • Dragon’s Tail Coaster Sign Up
  • Beach Cabanas
  • Basketball Court
Nellie’s Beach 
  • Beach Cabanas
  • Kayak Adventure
  • Floating Mat Station
Buccaneer’s Bay
  • Adventure Tours
  • Wave Jet Tours
  • Parasail & Speed Boat Adventures
  • Buccaneer Trading Post
  • Tour Information
Columbus Cove 
  • Dragon’s Splash Water Slide
  • Columbus Cove Cafe
  • Arawak Aqua Park
  • Columbus Trading Post
  • Aqua Park & Water Slide Sign Up
  • Floating Mat Station
  • Columbus Cover Tram station
Barefoot Beach Club
  • Barefoot Cabanas
  • Oceanview Spa
  • Barefoot Tram Station
  • Barefoot Trading Post
  • Floating Mat Station
Town Square 
  • Schooner Bar
  • Cafe Labadee
  • Artisan Village & Market
  • Artisan Showcase
  • Nellie’s Tavern & Outpost Ruins
  • Town Square Tram Station
  • Adventure Ocean Oasis
  • Information Center
  • Hairbrading Station
  • Village Amphitheatre 

My top tips for Labadee 

  • Grab a beach towel from the pool deck before leaving as no towels are supplied on the island.
  • Bring some cash to tip while on the island
  • There are 3 food stations all serving BBQ food. Queues can be large so if you are not fussed by the BBQ head back to the ship for lunch while it is quite
  • There are 8 bars on Labadee so head to one and try the Island cocktail, the labadoozie
  • Beach cabanas sell out quick, if this is something you want be sure to book on the cruise planner in advance
  • Barefoot beach is reserved exclusively for suite guests and cabana reservations.
  • Find the Large Labadee letter and have a photo
  • Try the Dragon’s Breath Zip Line, where else can you enjoy incredible views as you zip down a flight line more than 2,600 feet long at speeds of 40-50 mph.

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