I am the longest reviewer in the world hence the link to my website instead of clogging up Trip Advisor with the longest review going.  Anyway, we stayed at the Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa back in October 2015.  We stayed in the Sunrise part of the resort for 5 nights as part of our final leg on our multi centre holiday.  We like to explore so 2 weeks sitting on the beach would be too hard for us, however, 5 days relaxing before we come back home to reality was perfect.  Anyway back to my report, I hope some of you find it helpful and informative and it makes you more excited about your holiday if you have booked already.

Check in/Arrival

Upon arrival we were welcomed to a cold towel and a rose from the bell boys and then taken into the hotel to check in.  We were in the Sunrise part of the hotel, the entrance is very grand and beautiful with lots of flowers.  Check in was very quick and no fuss at all.  We were given our wristbands (which they charge you for if you lose so make sure they are on tight) and given a huge map of the resort where the guy behind reception showed us how to get to our room and we were on our way.


Our room was lovely, we had a resort view standard room.  We were given a room in the last block of the Sunrise section and the room looked out onto the miniature golf course and the Nizuc, you could also see the beach if you looked to the left on the balcony.  All balconies seemed very private there were all on a slant so your neighbour could not intrude.  The room was very large, we had two double beds, a large Jacuzzi bath and a mini table and chairs.  There was also a large fully stocked mini fridge and a drinks optics with local spirits which was an added bonus.  The bathroom was on the smaller side with just a walk in shower and toilet then outside you had a sink with mirror and more of a dressing area, they also had a hair dryer and straightners for you to use.  The safe was in the wardrobe which was big enough for all our belongings including our ipads. All in all a lovely large room that we were more than comfortable with for our stay.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

Maid Service

The maid always did a wonderful job of cleaning our room, it was always done early in the day.  We left a tip for the maid every day, the first few days she did not take the money she just left it on the side.  We then left a little note for her with the money on the bed and she did finally take it.  So maybe leave your tip with a little note so they know it is for them.


Buffet: The buffet restaurant was very large, we went for breakfast which was not really my cup of tea, it was very busy and lots of waiting around at the omelette station,  As I am not the biggest breakfast person I was not too fussed about going back to the breakfast buffet I was quite happy to pick something up from the small patisserie.

Patisserie: The patisserie is located just inside the door that leads from reception out to the pool. They do everything at this place from pastries, pancakes, waffles, tea, coffee etc and then lunchtime there is sandwiches, ice cream and ice lollies.  The fresh pancakes are delicious I became a fan of nutella and coconut pancakes.

Poolside Pizza Station: The pizza station is located by the pool swing bar.  All the pizzas are made fresh while you wait and then put into a brick oven.  They have around 4 different options for you to choose from, we had Hawaiian and Pepperoni while we were there and both were lovely.

A La Carte Restaurants 

Italian: This restaurant is beautiful and it only gets better when you sit down for dinner.  The food is amazing here it is small courses but filling at the same time.  The lasagne was delicious along with the Nutella cake. The service is also amazing, they cannot do enough for you in this restaurant.  The guy playing Elton John on the piano was also incredible. I definitely recommend this restaurant, also reservation is not required.

Asian: We decided to try out the Teppanyaki instead of table service.  We were seated at a Teppanyaki table around 9.30pm, there are specific seating times so be aware if you want to go for an early time there can be quite a queue. The food was brilliant and the chefs skills were fantastic, they were thoroughly entertaining and encouraged the audience to get involved. You can opt for different meats for your main, I opted for chicken and beef which were both delicious. The best part for me was the tempura ice cream it was incredible.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa, Momo

Steak: The steak restaurant is one of the pool restaurants.  Unfortunately this was probably the worst restaurant for us. The service was terrible, it took so long for us to just get a drink.  The starters were just ok and my steak was extremely chewy. So overall experience for us was not very nice but don’t let me put you off you could have a totally different experience and we could of just gone on a bad night.

Mexican: The Mexican is in the Nizuc side of the resort.  The food is also amazing, we loved the nacho chips with dip that came along before the starter.  The taco starter was delicious and the fajitas were perfect.  The service was brilliant they were always checking everything was ok and we had what we needed.  If I was in the resort longer this would have been one of my return to restaurants.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa

Brazilian: the Brazilian restaurant is again in the Nizuc side of the resort.  The restaurant itself is beautiful and very modern.  This restaurant had a different theme to it.  You help yourself to the salad bars for your starter and then for the main the waiters come around to your table with different meats that they carve at the table and put onto your plate.  You also have a card on your table one side green and one side red.  Once you have had enough meat you change the card to red and the waiter no longer comes over to the table with meat.  I have never been to a restaurant like this before so it was a great experience.


Lobby Bar: The lobby bar always seemed to be very busy, they have lots of seating so there is a lot of people but the service was always very quick there were plenty of waiters walking around taking your order and coming back quickly with your drink.  One evening they even had a magician walking around this was a nice added extra.

Sky Lounge: The Sky bar is upstairs in the lobby area, it is also an over 18s bar which is nice for a large hotel that has a lot of families.  The bar itself is really chilled however, the music can sometimes get really loud.  They also do shots in this bar so if you can’t get them at the pool swing bar try them out in the Sky bar. I recommend the bumble bee.

Noir: Noir is the nightclub for the hotel.  I didn’t expect this to be as night clubby as it turned out to be.  We have visited the night clubs in other hotels before and they really were nothing special.  This appeared to be like any nightclub at home.  People dancing everywhere, busy bar, lounge area, a DJ so yes it really was like a proper night club and not a cheesy night club.

Pool Swing bar: The swing bar is round the pool which is open during the day and the evening.  This became one of our favourite spots to hang out in the evening, the music was good and the general atmosphere was really nice.  The swings are also an added bonus so you can swing at the bar with your drink… very relaxing.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa


Cocktails: We managed to make our way through many of the cocktails on the menu we tried, pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, lime daiquiri, Miami vice, sex on the beach, banana monkey, mojito, electric lemonade.  We did try a few and they were all really good.  The only one that I was not overly keen on was electric lemonade it was far too sweet for me.

Beer: Check out the sizes of the bottles of Corona, they are huge.

Spirits:  There is every spirit you can think of available at the bars. You could also have high end spirits including, Grey Goose, Bacardi, Havana club, Malibu etc this was all part of the all inclusive which was nice.

Shots: We did try a few shots around the swing bar in the evening, we tried a bumble bee and a shit on the grass (yes you have read that correct) which we found hilarious. There is only a few of the barman that can do the shots but ask them and I am sure they will give them a go.

Pool Area

The Pool: The pool area is huge, there is also always sun beds around no matter what time of the day it is.  The sun beds may not be in your preferred location later on in the day but there is always sun beds available.  They have sun beds in the pool (there is a shallow part that goes all around the outside) these are the most popular with them going early in the morning along with umbrellas.  As it is so hot the sun beds in the pool are lovely beds to have as you can dip your feet in the pool from the sun bed.  Pools were clean, the pool cleaners were out daily making sure chlorine levels were right and they were getting in the pool with the vacuum cleaning the pool floor daily.

Pool Bar: There are two swim up pool bars, one either side of the resort.  The service is always really good there are seats around the pool bar that you can sit and have a drink or you can swim back to your sun bed with your drink which I did a lot.

Flow Rider: The flow rider is in the sunrise side of the resort and is a great novelty for the hotel and a great attraction for the kids in the resort.  There is always two entertainment staff working on the flow rider to watch for safety and they also help you if it is your first time.  A lot of the kids go for the boogie board rather than the surf board as it is a little easier.  We both had a go on the flow rider and we were both rubbish.  There was a few people that we had seen progressing through the week and by the time we left they were  doing really well so I guess practice makes perfect with this but it is great fun and great for the kids.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa, Flow Rider


The beach was just ok for me, I had heard that the beaches in Mexico are incredible which I am sure some of them are however, the sea was just not as clear as I had imagined it.  It had a lovely murky brown colour because of all the seaweed.  I had previously read on Trip Advisor about the seaweed problem but you hope that it would not be as bad as people say. Unfortunately, it was pretty bad I didn’t want to go into the water.  Along the coast more into Cancun you could see the water down there was a lovely blue colour compared to ours but it was just one of those things.  The hotel made a conscious effort to clear all the seaweed, they would have a tractor come along the beach every hour or so and pick up all the seaweed but along with this went a bit of a smell.  The sand on the other hand is lovely it just what you imagine white lovely and soft on your feet so at least the beach had one thing going for it.  There is also plenty of sun beds on the beach whether this was due to the murky water or not I am not sure but if you really couldn’t get a sun bed around the pool you could get one on the beach.

Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa


Daytime: The daytime entertainment team work around the main pool which is between the two bridges that run over the pools. They work really hard getting everyone involved in activities, especially the water volley ball and competitions. We never got involved as I was there to relax on my sun bed but I did watch the ongoings from my sun bed and they were always entertaining.

Night: We never seen any of the night-time entertainment as we always went for dinner around 8-8.30pm which is when the evening entertainment normally started so I can’t really comment on the evening entertainment.


Staff: The staff in the hotel all work incredibly hard, they work 6 days a week and extremely long hours.  Take some time to get to know them as they will always be happy to speak to you.  We got chatting to quite a few of the barman and they would ask us questions about English terms, one question being what does “oi oi savaloy” mean which we found very funny.

Tipping: As the hotel is all inclusive you don’t need to spend any money on anything. We did however change up some money to give as tips to employees around the resort.  We took pesos however, we did see a lot of people tipping in dollars so I am not sure what is the best.  We tipped our maid daily, the waiters at the bar our evening dinner waiters and some of the chefs we came across.  They do not expect tips so when you do give them a tip they are so grateful for it.

Baby Turtle Releasing:  The hotel takes part in a eco programme releasing baby turtles into the ocean.  As guests of the hotel you can also take part in this which is an incredible experience and you will have memories you will treasure forever.  I have done a separate post on this experience with photographs and a short video of the turtle release.  This take places every night on the Sunrise or Nizuc beach at 6.30pm.

Trips: As we were only there for 5 days we did not do any trips but there is lots of trips on offer so maybe if we return again we would consider some trips.

Lobby to Lobby Bus: As the Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa has three resorts you can only imagine the size of it.  They have a lobby to lobby bus which runs around every 15 minutes and can be picked up from outside the lobby area.  We caught the bus from the Sunrise to the Nizuc a couple of times and it’s so easy.  I can imagine that you could walk if you wanted but it is a fair old walk.

Miniature Golf: The miniature golf is at the far end of the resort and part of your all inclusive. You just pop along to the hut and grab your golf balls and putters and your score card and you are off to do the 18 holes.  We had a go on our last day and the course is great fun.

Wifi: The hotel had free wifi throughout the whole complex, we never had any problems at all connecting or with signal even down on the beach we managed to get a good signal.


We had an incredible 5 nights at this hotel.  It is possibly the biggest hotel we have ever stayed in but never seemed over crowded.  We met lots of people and made fantastic memories at the Moon Palace. I would definitely consider coming back to this resort again, one of my biggest highlights from our stay has to be the turtle releasing on the beach, this was such an incredible experience that I will treasure forever.

I hope some of you find this review helpful.  If you want to find out what we got up to on our 5 days take a look at my 5 days in Mexico post and also check out the turtle releasing post.

Thanks again for reading!


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