While at Cake International last weekend I came across the Renshaw Sugarcraft School where you could learn how to make different things out of icing. I decided to jump onto the farmyard character lesson with Ann Pickard. The class was £3 but worth every penny, you were given all the fondant icing you needed and could take your models away with you in a little box.

The class started with an introduction to Ann and what she does, she was a lovely lady who had time for everyone. It was great to learn some techniques from her for modelling characters without using any glue or water, which I usually get into a huge mess with when modelling.  Ann also uses a size guide for all her modelling this can be found in her books or online and I found it so useful after leaving and practising at home.

Back to class, first Ann showed us this very cute little pig and duck that we would be making. Of course Ann’s looked perfect there was no way mine were going to look as good as that. So we started the class and made a little duck step by step and then a pig which had a few more steps than the duck however, with Ann’s tips and advice it seemed a lot easier then I first thought. Then 30 minutes later I had a cute little duck and pig looking at me that didn’t turn out as bad as I initially thought they would – obviously not as good as Ann’s.  A great tip I came away with was about eyes on characters, if you use dots as eyes the animal/person will look angry but by doing a little line upwards your animal or person instantly becomes friendly looking, just like magic.

Ann Pickard has a Sugarcraft school online which I have signed up to and can definitely recommend. All the tutorials are done with videos which are easy to work along with when practising at home. Ann also has books, a website and YouTube videos that you can also get lots of tips and advice from.

We had a great time at the Renshaw Class and would recommend giving a class a go if you come across them at a cake show. Here are the pictures of my duck and pig and a few more animals I made following Ann’s tutorials.


*Please note I was not asked to do this review, all opinions are my own*

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