Well where do I start… This is AMAZING!!

I came across Sugar and Crumbs at Cake International at the end of March and they are so friendly and welcoming. I must have spent around half an hour speaking to the ladies about their icing and trying the different flavours I’m surprised I didn’t run around the rest of the stands with all the sugar inside me.

Basically Sugar and Crumbs make flavoured icing sugar… Yes flavoured and the most amazing flavours you could think of. After spending half an hour with the lovely ladies I still couldn’t decide what flavours to choose so I picked 10 and went straight on the website when I got home deciding what I would buy next.

As soon as you see Sugar and Crumbs you are instantly drawn to them. With the bright pink packaging and exciting flavours who wouldn’t be. I couldn’t wait to try out the flavoured icing sugar as soon as I got them home out came the KitchenAid and cupcakes were being made.

As I am a huge fan of salted caramel I couldn’t wait to get the bag open and smell the icing sugar cloud that burst out the bag. You can use all of the icing sugar to make the butter cream however I used half Sugar and Crumbs and half normal icing sugar. Using both icing sugars didn’t change the taste at all you could still taste that delicious salted caramel coming through. I also blended up a crunchie to sprinkle on top and give a little taste of chocolate. These cakes tasted delicious and everyone that managed to get their hands on one (the didn’t last long) said they were heaven in a cupcake. Now you can’t mess with heaven in a cupcake so I will definitely be using more Sugar and Crumbs icing in the future.

Sugar and Crumbs icing comes in a resealable bags so if you don’t want to use all the flavoured icing sugar in one hit you can just reseal the bag, pop it in the cupboard and reuse at a later date it just gets better and better

As the salted caramel cupcakes were a success and were gone in hours I was desperate to try another flavour out.  This time was green apple, I had had a request for a cupcake that tasted like an apple pie from a family member so this gave me the perfect opportunity to try the green apple icing…. YES! This time I used more Sugar and Crumbs icing to normal icing to get a more intense flavour and the smell coming out the mixed was good.  Once the icing was mixed up I gave half a pale green colour and left half white and piped onto the cakes, I thought I would try confuse people a little bit. So icing piped into the cakes and a pinch of cinnamon sprinkled over the top and I had a apple pie flavoured cupcake… Ta daa. Again compliments were received on the flavour woohoo.

So there we have it I have officially become obsessed and addicted to using Sugar and Crumbs icing sugars and can’t wait to use more flavours in the future. They even do cocoa powder so this may have to be the next purchase to try out. Sugar and Crumbs can be found on their website, Facebook and Twitter so go check them out if you love baking, you won’t look back.

Sugar and Crumbs

*Please note I was not asked to do this review and all opinions are my own*

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