Today was our first sea day of the cruise we had three in total for the seven day cruise.  I was always really nervous about sea days, being in the middle of the ocean with nothing around but water.  Little did I know that actually I was going to love these days at sea.  Waking up in the morning and opening the curtains to the balcony with the most incredible view of the ocean with the sun reflecting off the small waves it was just beautiful.

I sat on the balcony watching the world go by, not that there was much to watch go by we were in the middle of the ocean after all but I am sure if you looked long and hard and maybe squinted your eyes a bit you would of seen a tiny dot of land somewhere.

After admiring the balcony views we decided we would head out for breakfast down at the Central Park Cafe.  Breakfast here was quite varied you could have, bagels, granola, yoghurts, fruit, pastries etc. however if you were after a cooked breakfast this wasn’t the place for you.  I went for a bagel and cream cheese which they toast for you, there was also different varieties of bagels which was quite nice as it gave you lots of choices.

After breakfast we went up to the top deck and grabbed a sunbed looking out to sea and admired the views a little bit more. The sea breeze keeps you lovely and cool but also turns you into a lobster, factor 30 just wasn’t saving me. Around the pool and up on the sun deck was the perfect place to people watch, there seemed to be so much going on while the steel band were playing the pool deck below.

Lunch was back at the Central Park Cafe we had been recommended here for lunch before we got on the cruise. Lunch at Central Park seemed to be on the healthier side which I like as you could make your own salad up with different meats. If you are from the UK it was a bit like the Harvester I suppose but you picked your salad and someone made it up for you. This seemed to be quite a hot spot for lunch we did have to queue to get in but the staff make sure things move quickly and also ensure your in the right queue for what food you wanted. If you have been reading into your cruise or looked at any forums you would have possibly heard about the hot roast beef sandwiches well this is where you get those too.

As this was our first sea day we planned to explore the ship however that didn’t really happen, it was all about relaxing and soaking up the sun so after lunch it was back up to the sun deck and out into the sun but this time with a cocktail in hand.  There didn’t seem to be any problem with people reserving or hogging chairs all day on Allure. If people were going to lunch they seemed to just take their towels with them. This was probably a different story round the edge of the pool on the deck below as nobody seemed to give up those seats.

After an afternoon of relaxing in the sun we went back to the room to get ready for our first formal night on the cruise.  Dinner was in the main dining room, American Icon down on deck 3. As we had my time dining we did have to queue for a table but this was only around 10-15 minutes, however if you were happy to share a table with other guests your wait time was less. Dinner was lovely the staff in the restaurant can’t do enough for you. We enjoyed a 3 course dinner and the waitress was asking us if we wanted any more food.  You really could have as much as you wanted. If you wanted 3 starters you just ordered 3 starters, they would do anything you wanted. As it was formal night it made everything feel that little more special. People were dressed in suits, tux, evening dresses and ball gowns. Everyone loves a reason to dress up and formal night was just that.

After dinner we had a reservation in the Amber Theatre to see Mama Mia. I had heard that the shows were good on the cruise ships but I wasn’t expecting it to be this good.  The show was incredible it really was as good as any London show I have seen. All the cast were great performers and had incredible singing voices. The audience were all singing along to the Abba songs including me how can anyone resist a sing along to a bit of Abba.

After the show we walked along the promenade to grab some drinks and then went back up to the cabin where our cabin attendant had delivered the cruise compass for the following day and made the cutest little towel art on the bed.

Tomorrow was our first day in a port which was in beautiful Labadee, Haiti.

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