Today was our first port day, we docked in Labadee around 7.30am and watched the huge ship reverse into port from our balcony along with room service which was delivered around the same time. We had a lovely cooked breakfast and what I loved most was you got to pick from the breakfast menu which items you wanted therefore you never had anything you didn’t like. Breakfast on the balcony was a great start to the day although very very hot.  It was lovely to watch the ship arrive in port and Labadee come to life with people disembarking.

After breakfast we got ready to head out to Labadee when they announced there was a medical emergency and a helicopter had to land just in front of the ship. All the ship doors were closed and nobody could get off until the helicopter had landed. We had to sit in the gangway area for around half hour until the medical emergency was seen to and then the ship doors were reopened and we managed to get off the ship.   We never did get to find out what actually happened but I hope the people involved were ok.

Once off the ship we headed straight for the Dragon Breath Zip Line as we had a reservation for 10am, although slightly late due to the mishap getting off the ship, check in was quick and easy. You have to pretty much sign your life away on a waiver and then you head off to the harness room when they buckle you up ready to go. They do have lockers here for your bags the cost around $8 for all day hire and they charge it to your room with your sea pass so no need to take cash with you.  You can use cameras while on the zip line however they must have a strap to go round your wrist or neck. The lockers seemed safe and sturdy we left all our bags in there and the key is a digital wristband. After being buckled up they talk you through a few safety things and then you head up to the first zip line which is a practice run. Here they teach you the different flight position and it gives you a feel for how the larger line will feel. There is only one practice run so try to listen to all the instructions to get the best out of your flight.

The first zip line gives you the start of the adrenaline rush, my stomach was full of excitement for the huge zip line. We jumped on a open back jeep bus and we drove up the mountain to the larger zip line. Just make sure you buckle up the ride up the mountain is a bumpy one. Once at the top the views are incredible the views of the beaches, the green from the trees and then the cruise ship in the background.  Up at the top they then talk you through how long you have to stay in the flying position before changing to a landing position, this was all dependant on your weight which they tell you when you check in so no eating too many croissants for breakfast. Before you know it you have spent far to long admiring the view and it’s your turn to be locked up into position, waiting to be released 500 feet up above the ocean. The ride down is fantastic, you go so quick and the adrenaline rush is great you almost want to go back to the top and do it all again, it was over far too quick. After zip wiring we went back to the ship to grab our cameras and swap into our beach things. You can come and go from the ship as much as you want while in Labadee and the walk isn’t too far at all.

After heading back out onto Labadee we grabbed some lunch at the Dragon Park Cafe. There are three food stations on Labadee all serving up BBQ food including hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, salads, rice, fruit etc.  Queues were very large and there isn’t much shade while queuing, it wasvery hot. We had a burger and some ribs with salad but I think making use of the ships lunch facilities while they were quiet would have been a better option. In my opinion the food wasn’t all that and there seemed to be a lot of flies around.

After lunch we took a stroll round the island enjoying a few Coronas and the famous island cocktail Labadoozle, a few of these and you could be crawling round the island. The Labadoozie is a frozen alcoholic drink.  It’s a combination of crushed ice, fruit juices and island rum, you will find them available at most bars and also waiters will be walking round the island with them in souvenir cups.  If you opt for a souvenir cup you will be charged for the cup however, you can ask for it in a normal cup and it will be free under the premium drinks package.

After a couple of hours on the beach and dipping my toes in the clear waters we decided to head back to the ship via the large Labadee letters which were being freshly painted by a local.  Back on this ship we went up to the top deck and grabbed ourselves a sun bed with a view of Labadee. It seemed the perfect people watching spot as you could see the beaches, however people were tiny because we were so high up. We grabbed a couple of mudslide cocktails and watched everyone head back to the ship ready for sail away. Watching Labadee getting smaller in the distance we went up to the back of the boat to watch the people on the flow rider while the sun started to set, sun sets are just incredible at sea and before we knew it all the lights on top deck had come on and time to get ready for dinner.


After dinner we went to the aqua theatre to see the Oceanaria show.  This is one of the shows that you have to book before otherwise you are not guaranteed a seat.  We hadn’t booked a seat therefore we had to stand at the back for the duration of the show however you can still see what’s going on.  This show is fantastic, the talent of the people diving into a pool that is so small in a show so fast paced is just incredible. After the show we had a stroll through Broadwalk and the Promenade before heading back up to our room.

Tomorrows port was Falmouth, Jamaica.

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