This morning we woke to the view of the beautiful big blue looking incredibly calm.  Our docking time for Falmouth wasn’t until around 10am therefore we still had a bit more travel time and time to relax this morning.  We decided to head to breakfast in main dining room today and opted for table service instead of buffet.  I went for the American breakfast and Sam went for eggs benedict, along with this you also get pastries etc.  Food was really good and we couldn’t fault it at all.  It did seem a bit strange having such a formal breakfast but it was nice.

After breakfast we went back up to our room to sit on the balcony to watch the ship dock in Falmouth, how they manoeuvre these ships is just incredible.  The first thing that got my attention in Jamaica was the people shouting over a tannoy “who’s ready for a day in Jamaica!” up to the boat from the port. It made me giggle and to be fair lots of people were shouting back from their balconies and whistling.

We had pre booked our tour for Jamaica before we left the UK we had picked the Bobsled & Dunns River Falls trip.  Once off the ship we walked through the port shops and were met by the tour guides and taken to our tour bus. It was so humid and the clouds were rolling in it looked like we were going to be in for a storm.

Once everyone was on board the small bus we were introduced to Audrey our tour guide for the day. Audrey was everything you could want in a tour guide and more, she was friendly, always had a smile on her face, full of information about Jamaica and definitely had us all laughing through the trip.  The bus ride to Mystic Mountain was around an hour. Audrey made sure the time flew by teaching us to speak with a Jamaican accent and introducing ourselves the Jamaican way. She was also telling us all about the culture and what life is really like in Jamaica.

Once at Mystic Mountain and checked in they advise you to cover yourself in bug spray as you are heading up to the top on a cable car above the rainforest. we completely forgot to bring this out with us at first I wasn’t too bothered then they were still talking about how you should wear big spray so we decided to pay $5 each for the bug repellent bracelet which went round your ankle. Now whether I actually needed it who knows but I was all for being safe and not sorry.  When everyone was covered in insect repellent we could proceed to the cable car to get to the top of the mountain. We went up in twos, the views were lovely it was just such a shame the sun wasn’t out to make the view even more beautiful.

The ride to the top of the mountain took around 20 minutes. Once at the top you could join the queue for the Bobsled. We had to wait around 15/20 minutes before we were buckled into our mini Bobsled. They are individual bobsleds and they only seat one person however if you are together they connect the two bobsleds and the front person will be in control. So ladies remember if you want control of your speed head to the front Bobsled. I decided I didn’t want to be in control of the steering, breaking and speed which probably wasn’t the best decision I made. As we reached the front buckled up and ready to go, Sam decided to ask whether it was safe not to use the breaks and go full speed to which the guy responded of course anything goes in Jamaica and then released us with a bit of a push as I looked back he smiled and said enjoy the ride. Now I love a ride but this was to a whole new level I have never screamed so much I genuinely could feel the force against my face I will include a clip at the bottom so you can get a sense of the speed we were going. When we reached the bottom Sam declared he didn’t break the whole way down, I was just glad I was still in on piece and trying to catch my breath again. After your ride down you get taken back to the top of the route automatically being pulled up in a straight line while still in your Bobsled. At top the guys found it hilarious that my hair was all over the place and kept asking if we had a good time. We then had a wonder through the shop and you could also buy food/drink here so if you want a taste of jerk chicken you can. This was all cooked fresh on a BBQ.

Once everyone had been on the bobsled we then got the cable car back down to the bottom of Mystic mountain. On the way back down we could hear a few rumbles of thunder in the distance and we did get a few blobs of rain. When we reached the bottom the guy was handing his hand out for a tip. Now I am all for tipping people but he didn’t actually do anything for us so I didn’t feel there was any need to tip him I therefore did just walk past while he muttered something under his breath. I wasn’t going to let this bother me however it did make me feel a little bit disappointed.

Back on our bus with Audrey we had a 15 minute journey to Dunns River Falls. During this time Audrey explained about the Dunns River Falls and said that we could leave all our belongings on the bus which would be locked and perfectly safe. All we needed to take was ourselves along with waterproof cameras if you had them and water shoes. On arrival Audrey checked us all in and supplied us with wristbands we were then introduced to our tour guide and camera man. Due to the weather and impending storm our climb of the Dunns River Falls was somewhat fast paced and quickly over. There didn’t seem to be any team aspect of it compared to other groups climbing the Falls. We did stop at a few points along the way to slide down a slide and fall backwards into a pool however it just felt very rushed and that we were just told to climb. Whether this was due to the rumbles of thunder getting closer and the guides just wanting us to get to the finish before the lightening started we don’t know as we were never told but it was still great to see the Falls and climb up after all it’s not every day you climb a huge waterfall. When we reached the top of the waterfall the heavens decided to open along with a few flashes of lightning, there was a big rush getting out and we made our way back to the bus for our towels and dry clothes.  To exit the Dunns River Falls you have to make your way through the market maze.   Unless you want to get caught and pressured into buying something from the stalls do not look or interact with any of the sellers otherwise they will be following you all the way back to the bus for you to grab your wallet and pay them.  They are very pushy and will do anything for a sale.  Luckily due to the rain I think they were more concerned about covering all their items then trying to give someone a hard sale.  Although some of our group did manage to get caught and like I said they followed them back to the bus so they could get their money.

By the time everyone was back on the bus the storm was in full swing and the rain was torrential all the main roads started to flood.  The drive back to the port was a very slow one and drains just couldn’t cope with the amount of rain.  The locals didn’t seem phased by this at all which made me think it was actually a regular occurrence, they seemed to still be walking along the sides of the roads and children were huddled under small shelters waiting for the school busses. Once back at port we went straight back onto the boat because of the rain.  We grabbed some pizza from Sorrentos and sat on the balcony watching the storm and people running through the port back to the ship.  As the ship sounded the horn to warn it would be leaving soon people were still running back to the boat I would say they were pretty close to missing the ship as they were all ready to release the ropes, how you can be this late back to the ship is beyond me, anyway it put on a good show from the balcony.  By the time we left the port it was pitch black and the storm had calmed surprisingly leaving Falmouth the water was so calm there wasn’t a single wave in sight.  However this later changed as we got further and further away from the port.

Dinner tonight was back in the main dining room, we were given a seat next to the window tonight, however, I wasn’t sure whether this was a good or bad thing.  Watching the waves out the corner of my eye started to make me feel a tad funny but at much as I told myself not to look out the window I just couldn’t help it.  Dinner was lovely and the pineapple sorbet for pudding was just incredible.

After dinner we went off to Boleros we had a few drinks here before the headliner show, Greg London.  I wasn’t too keen on going to the show but we went and managed to get seats in a little private booth on the top floor of the theatre.  The show was surprisingly really good and we had a good sing along to the songs and a few more drinks of course.

After the headliner show we walked back through the promenade where Boleros was packed with people dancing and a live band playing, we managed to squeeze into the bar to have a few more drinks before heading down to the casino for a few more drinks and then back to the room for the night.

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