After two days in ports we were quite grateful for a sea day today and some much needed relaxation.  Today we thought we would try breakfast somewhere different so we went to the Solarium at the front of the boat.  The Solarium was a buffet breakfast that seemed relatively calm and relaxing although it took us a while to find a free table.  There was plenty of options available in the Solarium from cereals, fruit, to a full cooked breakfast.

After breakfast we spent a couple of hours up on top deck enjoying the sun and reading the daily compass when I seen they were doing a handbag sale in the promenade at 10.30am.  I thought I would go and have a look to see what it was all about seeing as I love a handbag.  Well I think every woman on the ship was there almost fighting for the bag, I did squish in and try to see if they had a Michael Kors bag I had had my eye on.  They had 25% off the Michael Kors bag however, I managed to stop myself from buying it and just as I put it down somebody else picked it up and bought it so that was that gone.  So if you are after a bag in the sale don’t let it go!!

After the bag sale we went back up on top deck to enjoy the sun again, although this didn’t last long as Sam seen there was a belly flop competition going on in the aqua theatre and wanted to watch for a giggle.  Off to the aqua theatre we went which was actually quite a relief, midday sun in the middle of the sea was ridiculously hot and fortunately the aqua theatre is relatively shaded.  I had no idea what to expect with the belly flop competition well, in my head I was thinking, really am I actually going to watch men throwing themselves in a pool!!! However, it was actually quite funny and I must say all competitors get very into the competition and go all out with their lead up and dance moves before the painful belly flop.  While these poor guys are belly flopping into the pool and making absolute fools of themselves the audience were cheering so loud you could hear them all the way down Broadwalk.  After each belly flop the audience had to rate them out of 10… poor guys. Anyway for something I thought was going to be terrible was actually quite entertaining and really made me laugh.  On the way back to the pool we thought we would try a hot dog in at the Hot Dog counter on Broadwalk, we went for the smokehouse and it was really good.  Beware though queues can build relatively quick here after somethings happened in the aqua theatre so be sure to make a quick exit.


Back to pool for a few more hours listening to the steel band before we took a late lunch down at the Central Park Cafe.  I couldn’t get enough of their make your own salads while on the ship it was just the perfect healthy lunch.  After our very late lunch we decided to just go for a wonder round the ship, this time to the back of the ship where the flow riders were.  We sat up at the bar and enjoyed a couple of drinks while watching people on the flow rider while the sun began to set for the day.


As the sun began to set we went back to our room to enjoy the views from the balcony and get read for our second formal night on the ship.  We had one free speciality dining restaurant credit as part of our holiday package and decided to go with Chops.  We booked the restaurant for 9.00pm which was quite a late dinner however, we managed to get into the early showing of the Ice Games.  The ice Games is an incredible show, the ice rink on the ship isn’t the largest but what these skaters do in the small space was just fantastic.  They really do put on a show and it feels just like Dancing on Ice when watching them perform. This is one of the shows you have to book to see on Allure and it is definitely worth taking the time to book a slot, it really is unmissable.

After making a quick exit from the Ice Games Show we rushed to the other end of the ship to our reservation at Chops.  I couldn’t fault the food at all in Chops it was incredible, I had the fillet steak and it was cooked perfectly, poor Sam couldn’t say the same about his steak though it was a little overcooked.  The atmosphere in the restaurant was nice and it really did feel like we was having a meal away from the ship.  Service on the other hand really let the restaurant down, the restaurant wasn’t full in fact there was probably only 6 or 7 tables of people when we were in there but there was still a lot of waiting around and the waiter didn’t really seem attentive. This made the experience a bit of a let down as we felt the staff in the main restaurant were much more attentive and the food was just as good.  Don’t let this put you off obviously everyone has different experiences and the waiter we had could of just been having a off day but it has put me off paying for the speciality dining.

After dinner we went off to the sports bar where we had a few more drinks and Karaoke began.  Now I am not a huge lover of karaoke but it did give us a good giggle and this seemed to pull in a huge crowd on the ship the bar was packed people were even standing on the outside of the doors trying to get a see in.  We sat at the bar away from the stage and where the drinks were continuously topped up by the bar staff getting us through some of the screeching down the microphone #sorrynotsorry.

After the karaoke finished the bar began to empty out we decided to head down to Blaze (the onboard nightclub) with a couple that we had got chatting to on our tour in Jamaica. To get into Blaze they will scan you sea pass which gives your date of birth so no getting in here for underage people.  When we got into the nightclub it was very empty with some very cheesy music playing, straight to the bar we went. One too many shots, some cheesy dancing and a lot of laughter we were very drunk and looking round the ship for some food, Sorrento pizza was the only option and to be honest anything was good when you had had a drink.

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