Today we were docked in Cozumel, Mexico.  Unfortunately due to hideous amounts of alcohol consumed and time we went to bed the previous night I missed docking in port which I was pretty gutted about as I had watched us dock on the balcony every morning, never mind clearly sleep was more important.  Instead I opened the curtains to the view of Liberty of the Seas docked at the side of us. It was nice to see another of Royal’s cruise ships and compare it to Allure. This was when we realised how big Allure really was it was towering over Liberty.  I watched the guest disembarking the ship for a while on the balcony before getting ready for the day in Cozumel.

Unfortunately Sam was nursing a huge hangover today and decided not to leave the cabin the joys of alcohol!  Therefore it was a day by myself, I didn’t really want to get off the ship as I didn’t know how safe the port was and felt a lot better just staying onboard so sadly i missed out on seeing Cozumel too but there is always next time.  As I was staying onboard I thought I would make the most of the ship being quiet and go explore the ship a little more.

I went for a long walk around the ship in the morning exploring the boardwalk and promenade. I was the only person wandering around boardwalk I managed to walk right round the aqua theatre right at the back of the ship.  As it was a port day a lot of the onboard food vendors were closed throughout the day so it really was quiet in these areas.   For lunch I grabbed something quick form the Wipe Out Cafe and went back to the cabin to make sure Sam was still alive and sat on the balcony watching the world go by well not quite the world but the ongoings over on Liberty.

For the afternoon I took myself off to the top deck to relax in the sun and enjoy the peace and quiet.  I was the only person up on the top deck apart from some of the staff of course.  I am sure they must have thought I had lost the plot sitting up there on my todd, one of the cleaners even asked if I was ok and why I wasn’t getting off the ship today.  While relaxing in the sun I people watched down into the port as well as the ongoings onboard.  While the passengers were off the ship the pool was emptied, cleaned, painted, left to dry and refilled.  I was amazed that this was done in the space of the afternoon.  It was really interesting to see what goes on while passengers are out enjoying the port for the day.

Later in the afternoon Sam finally decided to surface from the cabin but by then it was too late to get off the ship and explore Cozumel, instead, we sat on the top deck looking over at Liberty of the Seas listening to their on board band.  There was plenty of cruise ships docked in Cozumel while we were there and one by one they left the port for their next destination. We had the most beautiful sunset in Cozumel, when the sun finally set we watched Liberty of the Seas leave Cozumel and disappear into the distance.  We were the last ship to leave the port that day and even though we didn’t actually get off and explore Cozumel it looked beautiful from the ship and maybe we could get back to the port again one day.

After Cozumel disappeared into the distance it was back to room to get ready for dinner in the main dining room with the American couple we had met on our trip in Jamaica. After dinner we had reservations to see Blue Planet in the theatre.  The seas were a little choppy tonight and I did find it funny that everyone walking to the theatre was walking together to one side then to the other side while the swinging props on the stage were moving side to side.  This was our first night of actually feeling the ship move while at sea, all other nights were as calm as anything.

The Blue Plant show was good, not as good as Mama Mia however, it was a totally different performance.  You cannot fault the dancers they are just incredible and the show is put together so well.  After the show it was off to the Karaoke bar for a few more drinks and to catch the end of the Karaoke competition entries. However, this night there wasn’t as much alcohol consumed.  Lesson well and truly learnt!

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