So today was officially our last day on the cruise and last full day at sea.  We decided to have room service on the balcony again today for breakfast while watching the waves and never ending blue waters. I loved that with room service they rang you as they were leaving the kitchen with your food so you knew it would be with you in about 10 minutes, breakfast was delivered on time and tasty.

After relaxing on our balcony for a bit we ventured up to the top deck where it was incredibly windy we must have been protected on our balcony but you pretty much had to tie everything down to your sun bed today. We spent a few hours here relaxing or shall I say been blown to pieces by the sea breeze.

We then went down to the main dining room to see what was on offer for lunch. We opted for a sit down meal rather than buffet and it was just like dinner service however a bit more casual and less options on the menu. I really enjoyed the food in the main restaurant and lunchtime was no exception the food was great.

After a long lunch we went back up to the top deck to hopefully enjoy the sun rather than being blown to pieces, no such luck the sea breeze was still going strong so we packed up and went for a little walk around the ship instead.

After a few stops at different bars and a few pina coladas later we decided to give miniature golf a go at the back of the ship. You didn’t have to book this you just helped yourself to the golf putters and balls and off you went. Luckily for us there wasn’t a queue so off we went. Of course it was a competitive game of miniature golf. Excuses were in full flow as to why the ball was going off course. I did however manage to get one hole in one on the course, go me! After a competitive game he still beat me or I like to say I just let him win 😜

Next activity at the back of the ship was zip lining so off we went to check in where we discovered you need closed toe shoes with laces you couldn’t have slip on shoes so off to the room we went to change our shoes by this time we had 5 minutes to check in get harnessed up and ready to rock. We just about made it and as there was no queue and we were already harnessed up they let us have another go. It’s not the biggest zip line in any way your airborne for around 10 seconds max but it’s a bit of fun and at least we managed to try it before the cruise was over.

As the zip line closed for the final time on the cruise the flow rider competition began we gathered round to watch the competition while the sun was setting behind us it was picture perfect and the perfect end for our final evening.

Dinner was in the main dining room and we were seated on a lovely table right next to the window. Now if you suffered any kind of sea sickness this was possibly the worst seat in the restaurant as you could see the waves going up and down which definitely played tricks on your mind, I was fine however Sam did close the curtains slightly on his side. Dinner was incredible as it had been the whole week.

After dinner we went for some drinks at the sports bar where the karaoke finale was taking place of course we sat and watched it from the bar. This has to be one of the most popular things on the ship the crowds this bar pulled in during karaoke was crazy.

A few more drinks later we called it a night to go back to room and pack all our bags ready to leave in the morning. We opted for self check out which meant we got to keep our luggage and walk it off the ship ourself. If you wanted RC to take your luggage it had to be outside your door the night before which I wasn’t overly keen about so we opted for the self service option.

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