Jet lag appears to be getting slight better today and I managed to sleep in until 7am. We had a breakfast reservation at Sarabeths Central Park this morning which I had been looking forward to as so many people had recommended this to us. As I put my boots back on my feet for another day of walking, I could feel them crying at me but they were not going to win, another day of walking and maybe a few more subway rides today to give the feet small breaks.

We walked towards Central Park and again it was pretty chilly today but not as cold as previous days it didn’t feel like my hands were going to drop off. As we got closer to Central Park we started to be pestered by people asking if we wanted a ride on the horse and carriage, we politely declined to around 5 people, I think they began to get the hint when I avoided any kind of eye contact. I did feel for the horses though none of them really looked that happy standing at the side of a busy road.

When we reached Sarabeths there was already a queue outside we had been pre-warned how busy this place gets, however, as we had a reservation we went straight in to the desk. There was already a lot of people waiting inside so I wasn’t holding out hope about being shown straight to a table. I then had to eat my words really as the next waitress that came to the reservation desks took us to a table. I was surprised at how big the restaurant actually was it went so far back and there was so many tables squashed in. Luckily for us we were on a side where there was only one table so there wasn’t any other couples squashed up next to us but just be aware this is one of those restaurants where you feel like the couple next to you could join in with your conversation they are that close. The restaurant was packed but our waiter was so attentive, and friendly asking where we were from. I had to laugh when I said we were from Essex and he asked why my hair wasn’t bigger and my eyelashes were not huge, anyone would think Essex has a stereotype.

We started breakfast with two mimosas followed by pancakes with fresh strawberries for me and eggs Benedict for Sam. Food arrived really quick and was huge, I know we are in the US and everything is big but this was really big for breakfast. Food was good but we both agreed that we preferred our breakfast at Pershing Square the day before. Even though we thought our breakfast was better the day before we still enjoyed it here but we probably wouldn’t return. Breakfast was $78.66 ($93.11 including tip) so a little more on the expensive side however we knew it would be being on top of Central Park and what appeared to be a breakfast hot spot in New York.


After breakfast our next stop was Brooklyn. The previous time we were in New York we only made it as far as the firsts arch on Brooklyn Bridge before we turned around and walked back so this time we will hopefully make it across the bridge without turning back. I had previously read that the walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan was much nicer so from Central Park we headed for the subway station to take the subway to York Street in Brooklyn.

Once off the subway we used Google Maps to get us to Washington Street for the stunning view of Manhattan Bridge through the street. I had seen many pictures of this view on Pinterest and other peoples blogs before I left for New York and it really was as stunning as their pictures looked. Luckily the street is quite quiet so you can get some good pictures from the middle of the road but be aware cars still do come down the road so try not to get run over like me, I didn’t actually get run over but Sam was always shouting at me to get out the road. After taking some pictures we walked towards Jane’s Carousel and the waterfront where you can get some good pictures of Brooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan skyline in the background. Jane’s Carousel was all under cover for the winter but I can imagine in the summer this would be a nice little area to sit and watch the world go by.


We then walked round to the other side of the bridge and onto Brooklyn Promenade, we passed Grimaldi’s Pizza on the way however it was closed so we didn’t stop. I had heard so much about this place and really wanted to eat here so we decided to walk along the promenade for a while and wait for it to open and hopefully feel hungry by then. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky today but that wind was bitter walking along the promenade queue Lucy the eskimo hood and coat done up to the top. We sat on the benches and watched the world go by for around an hour before heading back to Grimaldi’s. When we reached the door I thought I couldn’t actually eat anything even if I tried, I was still so full from breakfast, luckily Sam felt the same. So after all our waiting we didn’t end up getting pizza and instead headed in the direction for Brooklyn Bridge entrance. Maybe next time I will have a small breakfast and we will actually get to eat in Grimaldis instead of making it to the door.

Manhattan Skyline

We started to make our way towards the entrance to Brooklyn Bridge which seemed really easy there are lots of signs around directing you to the entrance. When we reached the bridge there was plenty of people going on and coming off, so we joined the crowds and started walking across. The view of the Manhattan skyline was beautiful we stopped along the bridge a couple of times to take some photos, I would definitely recommend walking from Brooklyn towards Manhattan as I am not sure the Skyline would be quite the same walking towards Brooklyn. This time we finally made it all the way across, I make it sound like it is miles long it really isn’t but as I said last time we turned around halfway.

Brooklyn Bridge

After making it to the Manhattan side of the bridge we decided to go and head for some food, the bridge walk made us build up an appetite. Before we left I had read about a burger place called Black Tap in Soho which wasn’t too far away so we decided to go and check it out. We jumped on the subway to Spring Street and walked down to the Black Tap. This was when we realised how popular this place really was. The queue or should I say two queues went round the street corner it was huge. We decided against queuing as I think it would have been night time before we actually got food and walked back to the subway station to the Gansvoort Market in the meatpacking district.

When we finally reached Gansvoort Market with the help from Google Maps and a stop off at Starbucks we were gutted to see a sign on the front to say that the Market was closing for good and moving location. We had a look inside anyway as there was still people coming in and out however, a lot of stalls looked like they had already moved and there wasn’t really anything that took our fancy for lunch.

As we came out from Gansvoort we could see the entrance to the High Line just along the street so we decided to carry on walking. The High Line is such a lovely walk and very popular there was plenty of people walking along, the views down the street from the High Line also makes some great pictures. We stopped on a bench and watched the world go by for a bit and also searched on Google Maps for somewhere to eat. I realised Chelsea Market wasn’t too far away and there was plenty of places to eat there so we decided to head there for some food. We walked along the High Line a bit more passing locals playing the saxophone and singing before heading down off the High Line and into Chelsea Market.

High Line

Chelsea Market was so busy, it was a case of just shuffling along with the crowd when we first got into the market but eventually people did disperse and it became a more pleasant experience. We stopped at a restaurant called Creamline for lunch. You ordered at the back of the restaurant and they bought the food to your table. We ordered homemade chicken tenders, coleslaw and we were meant to order skinny fries, however Sam has a habit of saying chips instead of fries in America as we call them chips back at home so instead of skinny fries we ended up with homemade potato chips which were actually really nice but probably not the best thing to go with chicken tenders and coleslaw. Food was great here and came to $24.47.

Chelsea Market

After finally eating we felt 100 times better and felt like we had much more energy to carry on exploring. We then carried on through Chelsea Market looking through a few shops along the way. After reaching the other end of Chelsea Market, we decided to start heading back to the hotel as we had the NY Knicks game later on. We made our way back to the Subway station when Sam realised he had lost his metrocard. After searching every pocket in his coat and every part of his wallet and me telling him to check again and again the ticket was gone so absolutely gutted he had lost it we had to go back out to street level and look for the entrance to the subway station where you could buy tickets. Luckily it was only a block away so we made our way over to that entrance and we bought another metrocard. Finally back on the subway we went all the way to 50th street and then walked the rest to the hotel.

Back at the hotel and me being me I made Sam check all his pockets again to make sure the metrocard wasn’t there, not that it would of made much of a difference anyway he had to fork out for another one already, bad times. After resting our feet for a while and picking up our New York Knicks tickets we went back out in the direction of Times Square and carrying on all the way down to Macys. There was no way I was going to walk past Macys without having a look inside. So off inside we went to explore all the floors but really I was heading straight in the direction of handbags while Sam walked slowly behind shaking his head as he knew where I was off to. Don’t feel sorry for him though, I did have to stand and look at watches for him before I went off in the direction of bags.

After a good browse of Macys we crossed the road and made our way to the entrance of Madison Square Garden for the New York Knicks v Miami Heat game. Walking along the street there was plenty of ticket touts around and they had a habit of walking at the side of you. It made me feel very uneasy round this area however they do leave you alone if you give a firm no. Once inside Madison Square Garden there was a lot of people around. Everyone had to go through bag search and metal detectors before entering. Once through you can then go through to the arena, there was great spirit around with people buying foam fingers. We made our way to our seats diverting to get a drink as big as my head beforehand. When we reached our seats and we were over the moon with our view. We were in section 114, row 18 and luckily nobody in front of us so the view was perfect. When we first arrived the New York Knicks were practising and as the arena was still quite quiet we went down to the front to take some closer pictures. The game was great this was our first basketball match and the atmosphere was brilliant. The entertainment throughout the game was fantastic and the crowd really get involved. Unfortunately the New York Knicks lost but we still had a great night and would definitely return to a basketball match again in the future.

New York Knicks

After the game we headed towards the subway station and jumped on the subway to Times Square. We were planning on going for dinner somewhere in Times Square however, we were both tired and dinner ended up being McDonalds right up by the hotel on 56th Street. We both had a double quarter ponder with cheese and it was amazing, yes I did just say a McDonalds burger was amazing! It wasn’t like McDonalds at home, not that we can get double quarter pounders with cheese at home. We ended up taking the food back to the hotel as there tends to be quite a few interesting characters hanging around McDonalds at that time of night.

After devouring our huge burger and deciding what we were going to do the following day we decided to call it a night. Another great day in New York City.

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