Today was our final day in New York, sad times. Our flight wasn’t until 9.30pm so we did have all morning and the majority of the afternoon left to explore before we had to head off to the airport, so we started the day off back in Starbucks for our bagel with cream cheese and today a caramel hot chocolate, delicious. After going up to One World Observatory yesterday it made me want to go back to the top of the Rockefeller Center, as I think this is possible my favourite view point of the City.

Top of the Rock

I wanted to get to the Rockefeller Center as early as possible as I knew it would be quiet the earlier we went. We jumped on the Subway and got to the Rockefeller Center around 9am and purchased tickets from the little booth which were $32 each. There was no queue for security or the lift so we were at the top of the rock before we knew it. When we reached the top it was lovely and quiet with not many people around, the sun was out but hiding behind a few clouds which was perfect for taking photos. We took some photos on the first level and then went up to the second level which is outside where we sat and watched the world go by and talking about our trip. After spending nearly 2 hours at the top of the rock, we took some more photos before deciding to leave.

Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock

After Top of the Rock we watched the ice skaters skating in the Rockerfeller Center for a while before making our way along 5th Avenue. We stopped off in Hollister where they had half the store on sale, fantastic for me however not so fantastic for my weight restriction on the suitcase, never mind. We both managed to grab a few bargains in here and walked away with two very large bags doubled up due to the weight in them ooops.

I decided that our next stop would be Central Park, we had been here 3 full days and not actually stepped foot in Central Park. We walked up 5th Avenue to the entrance of Central Park and made our way towards the Woolman Ice Skating Rink. Before we left I had all intentions of ice skating until we went ice skating in London and my friend broke her leg… totally put me off ice skating again. So instead of getting on the rink we watched the ice skaters from the bridge above the rink and took some lovely pictures. Central Park always has such a lovely vibe to it I now wish we spent more time here instead of going shopping for half a day. We carried on walking through Central Park when we realised we had to start heading back to repack our suitcases with our new purchases and check out of the hotel. I always feel like I am clock watching on the last day and never actually relax and take it all in ūüôĀ

Central Park

Back at the hotel and after sitting on the suitcase to get it closed we checked out and left our suitcases in the luggage room so we could carry on exploring. We decided that we may as well go for a big meal as we probably wouldn’t eat on the flight home, so it was the only food we were going to get for a while. After a while trying to decide where going to go, we decided we were going to head back to the Black Tap in the Meatpacking District second time lucky and all that after our visit on Day 3. We jumped on the subway and walked to the Black Tap as we turned the corner there was no queue outside the restaurant and I thought to myself this is too good to be true and it really was. It turns out the restaurant in the Meatpacking District doesn’t open until 5pm. Off we went back to the subway station to head down to the Black Tap in Soho (529 Broome St). As we arrive I thought to myself this was more like it, there was a queue forming down the street and round the corner. However, the queue was nowhere near as long as it was at the weekend so we joined the queue . After around 2 hours waiting in the freezing cold we were finally at the front of the queue waiting for the guy to come out and say we can now go in. I am not going to say too much about the restaurant on here as I want to do a separate post about it (click here) but we both had a burger and a work of art milkshake and it was so worth the 2 hour wait. The bill came to $70.77 ($83.51 inc tip)

Black Tap

By the time we had finished our lunch/dinner in the Black Tap it was time to head back up to hotel to grab our bags and begin the journey back to JFK. As we collected our bags I obviously had to open my suitcase and grab a few things out so I was back to sitting on the case to do it up again, we left the hotel for good. As we got the subway to the hotel from the airport we thought we would give it a go on the way back. As we were leaving the hotel the bell boy asked if we needed a taxi, we said no we are going to get the subway and he smiled and said ok then, clearly he knew something we was just about to find out.

We walked round the corner and caught the subway from 7th/53rd Street at 5.30pm on Tuesday night, yes… rush hour. I could now see why the lovely door man smiled as I said we were getting the subway. Oh the joys of having to carry my 23kilo case down 4 flights of stairs with people running around me and trying to get through the barriers before me, let’s just say I couldn’t breathe by the time I reached the bottom and the asthma pump was out, I was like weezy the penguin from Toy Story. While standing on the platform waiting for the E Train I was thinking to myself we are never going to get on this train with our luggage and I think the people around me were thinking we must get on the train before her and her huge suitcase. Luckily, we managed to get on the first subway train that came in, however it was a big squish and let’s just say people were not too impressed about my big yellow suitcase taking up standing space, I think they would of happily seen me stand on top of my case so more people could squeeze on the train. After 40 minutes of being squashed in a big puffy jacket and 10 stops later we reached Sutphin Boulevard/Archer street where we changed to the Airtrain to Terminal 4. Would I get the subway back to the airport again…. probably, just maybe not in rush hour and midweek. The Airtrain was a much more pleasant ride and took around 5 minutes to reach the Terminal. Back in JFK we were quite sad to be leaving New York this time round, maybe I wasn’t that bothered last time we were leaving¬†as we were off to the Dominican Republic but this time round I really didn’t feel ready to leave. If anything though it only gave me more of a reason to save up and head back out to the big city¬†again soon.

Virgin Atlantic

We had a fantastic 4 nights in New York and my love for the City only grew more while we were visiting. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my trip as much as I have enjoyed typing about it. Are you planning on visiting New York? What is your countdown?

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