And we were off, the holiday started on the crazy M25, morning rush hour with every crazy driver on the road pretending they are some kind of rally driver dodging in and out of the lanes. Anyway we made it to Gatwick airport safely where we parked in the long stay car park and jumped on the bus to the terminal. Quick check in with Virgin and through security and we could finally relax and enjoy our first alcoholic drink of the holiday. We had booked the Gatwick Number 1 Lounge in my opinion it’s not Number 1 and it wasn’t worth the money compared to other lounges we have been to but you live and learn and we won’t book that one again. We had a few drinks and I went through the paranoid process of checking the board for a gate number a hundred times to make sure we hadn’t missed our gate being announced. Finally it appeared and the excitement started, off to the gate and one of the first people to board the plane (after first class of course).

We had booked seats upstairs in the bubble which was a bit of a novelty going up the little stairwell to what seems your own private plane while everyone else walks down an aisle of rows and rows of seats. We were in row 80 K&J which is window and middle seats on the last row of economy which suited us fine, lots of storage with even a little side storage container next to the window. Virgin Atlantic were fantastic, the food was great, drinks served regularly, entertainment was great couldn’t complain at all.

Back to our flight, we took off on time with a spare seat next to us, happy days, a row of three seats to the two of us, this could be a roomy flight to Vegas. We had only been in the air around 20 minutes when a lovely lady said she was joining us and sat down in the spare seat. In my head I thought oh no however, it turns out she was worked for Virgin as cabin crew and was travelling out to Vegas with friends for a wedding. Anyway we chatted for hours and by the end of the flight we had exchanged numbers and she had invited us out that evening with some of her friends she was travelling with and some of the cabin crew to see Pitbull in concert. She had also invited us to her friend’s wedding we laughed and said we weren’t going to gate crash a wedding. Anyway we landed on time and surprisingly got through customs quickly but I think our bags must have been the last ones off the plane again that sudden panic of my bag has been left in London and now I have no clothes, then the bright yellow suitcase appeared. We jumped in a taxi to the Mirage fortunately enough we had a lovely taxi driver that didn’t tunnel us and was trying to teach us about craps all the way to the hotel. The cab cost around $30 (I think) we gave him $40 as he was so lovely and I was pretty grateful not to be tunnelled without having to say anything.

The Mirage

Walking back into the Mirage after 2 years was just as grand as the first time we visited, that big fish tank behind reception will always amaze me. Check in was fairly quick, I gave the guy behind reception some sweet talk to see if we could have a nice view but he gave me the whole “we are fully booked but your room is nice” talk, anyway off we went to the room I can’t remember what floor we were on but my head keeps saying 17 so we will go with that. The room was lovely loads of room lots of mirrors and a lovely view of the pool and strip towards Caesar and Paris maybe the sweet talking did work or we were just lucky.

The Mirage

After we had settled in the room we set an alarm on the phone and went to sleep for a couple of hours. The crew on our flight had told us this was the best way to get through the first night and get onto Vegas time quick, after last time we were here I nearly fell asleep in my dinner at 6pm, so anything was worth a go and after all they do it all the time so they must know.

Las Vegas

When the alarm went off 2 hours later I didn’t know where I was or what time zone I was in but I was definitely happy to go back to bed but no we got up and it was time to start the evening in Vegas. We got ready and headed to Planet Hollywood, we had planned to eat at Gordon Ramsey Burgr but the queue was huge so we just grabbed some pizzas and drinks ($23.08) from one of the little fast food places called Meatball Shop as we were meeting the group that we met on the flight to go to Pitbull concert at Axis in Planet Hollywood.

Now I am in no way Pitbull’s biggest fan, however his concert on the other hand was amazing, there was such a great atmosphere and he knows how to put on a show. Drinks were expensive at Axis, $16 for a spirit and mixer but they were large and very strong so can’t really complain. Anyway the night was brilliant and that sleep earlier really helped and I managed to sing and dance all the way through to the end.


We then left Planet Hollywood about 11pm and walked back to the Mirage singing Pitbull songs and stopping off at Walgreens on route to grab some water for the room. By the time we got back to the room it was gone midnight and we crashed after the long day travelling and only a mini cat nap to get us through the evening.

What a great start to our Vegas trip.

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