Today was our last day in San Francisco, time seemed to be going extremely quick. We had a little bit of a lay in today and decided to leave our packing until tonight.  We had our final breakfast in the Daily Grill as we would be leaving too early to have breakfast tomorrow.  We then went off in the direction of Union Square, today we were determined to take it slowly see the last couple of things on our list and then do some shopping.

We walked all the way to North Beach, past all the little Italian restaurants with people enjoying a morning coffee outside.  We then walked over to Washington Square Park where there were a lot of locals doing Thai Chi.  This was so fascinating to watch this was something they must all do on a regular basis, there were even a few older people in the park doing it by themselves.

Washington Square Park San Francisco

While researching San Francisco before I left, I had came across a few people mentioning a bakery that sold focaccia bread called Liguria Bakery.  I absolutely love focaccia bread so I had to find this place.  It is right by Washington Square Park on the corner opposite Mama’s.  I think the bakery is all family run and all the bread is out the back where they cut it all up and put it into bags for you.  We chose rosemary bread which was $5 and the brown bag was full to the top.  It was amazing, so fresh and soft I totally recommend this place if you like focaccia.

Liguria Bakery San Francisco

Next stop was Coit Tower, we walked up the dreaded stairs that didn’t seem like they were going to end, but it was worth it.  The views were incredible you could see all over the city and even the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. We didn’t go into Coit Tower as we just wanted to go up there to see the view.

Coit Tower San Francisco

Once we had finished taking lots of photos, we then walked back down the hills from Coit Tower and through Chinatown. We grabbed some touristy things like magnets here I think they were 5 for $10.  I did like the sign in the shop that said “you break, you buy, I break, I cry” that gave us a little giggle.  Going back to the research I had done at home I wanted to find the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, I had to put the address into Google Maps as it is down a little alley way.  If I remember right the address was 56 Ross Alley.  You can go into the factory and see the fortune cookies being made.  The guy who was at the door was really friendly, we politely asked if we could take some pictures which he said of course.  We also grabbed a fresh bag of vanilla and chocolate fortune cookies for $2, we also gave him a few extra dollars for letting us take a few snaps.  We then walked back through Chinatown and down to Union Square.

China Town San Francisco

The sun seemed to be really hot today, it was probably our hottest day in San Francisco.  We headed back to the room to get rid of the jumpers and I managed to speak to my parents back home over facetime for a while (they had just got back from their holiday).  For our final afternoon we decided to go for a drink on the top floor of the Marriott Hotel in the View Bar.  It opened at 4pm so we thought we could get there just after opening and get a good seat by the window.  We reached the bar at 4.15pm and it was already busy, we couldn’t get a seat by the window at first so we sat at the bar until someone left.  The views were lovely looking out to the city so we sat and enjoyed a couple of drinks.  After a few glasses of prosecco it was time to go and do some shopping :-).  We went to Westfield where I splashed out in, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret and of course my favourite, Bath and Body Works, I wish they would hurry up and ship to the UK.

The View Marriott Hotel, San Francisco

After a couple of hours shopping we went back to the hotel with all our bags.  For dinner we went to Jones on Jones/Geary street which I had read about online before I left.  The bar is really chilled out, music was good and seemed like a popular place for locals.  They had a lovely terrace with a bar, so we sat out here and enjoyed the sun setting with a few drinks before dinner.  We went inside for dinner as the temperature starts to drop when that sun goes down, unfortunately though the service was terrible and the food was just ok.  Our mains arrived before our starter and our drinks took a long time to come to the table.   It just seemed such a shame as the bar and restaurant are really quirky and seemed like a great night spot.  I would definitely recommend here for a drink but not dinner, I can imagine that it gets very busy in the evenings on the terrace.

After dinner we decided to go for one last bit of cheesecake and to do some last minute shopping in Macy’s.  When I reached the top of the escalator on the 7th floor (I think) I couldn’t contain my excitement, Macy’s holiday lane was open.  So of course I got some Christmas bits including a gorgeous Macy’s bauble and even an Elf on the Shelf (these are like gold dust in the UK) for my friend to do Elf on the Shelf with her little boy this Christmas.  After  an excitable 40 minutes deciding what bauble to pick and what other Christmas things I could buy, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for one last piece of cheesecake, sad times.  We went for the original cheesecake, which we had never had and was by far my favourite one to date.  We took the cheesecake back to the room to enjoy and started to pack our suitcases up as we had to leave at 5am to go to the airport.

We had a great time in San Francisco and felt we had seen lots of what the City has to offer.  I would definitely visit again one day, but for now our time was up and we were off to LA 🙂

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